Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Ironman Wisconsin: Week 10

I've reached the halfway mark with my training, and I just want it to be over with. I'm completing most of the workouts in my plan but still feel like I'm not doing enough. I almost wish I cared a lot less- it's not like I'm trying to qualify for anything or even hit a certain time (sure, I do have time "goals" but only for training purposes because who knows how things will go on race day) but I cannot half ass the training for races I am doing. I'll never understand the mentality of signing up for races and not doing the work. My only goal is to put in solid training which will enable me to execute the race to the best of my ability, finish upright and not end up in the med tent.

I think that most of my frustration comes from not swimming as much as I need to. Currently I'm swimming 1x a week, or in this week's case- 0x. Once I start going to the lake and pool 2x a week (minimum) I am sure I'll feel much better about everything and this anxious bullshit ive been dealing with will subside. I just need to feel more confident in the water. I'm not looking to drop my pace much- as currently the 2:00-2:15/100yards will get me in with plenty of time to spare in the half and full. I just want to feel good about it. Instead of being mediocre at 1 sport, now I'm mediocre at 3!

I knew I'd be training a lot when I signed up for the half and full back in October. I also thought that I'd still be in my (then) current accounting role. By January I thought I'd either be still accounting or laid off by August- what I didn't expect was to take a new role within my company. I love my new role, but the learning curve is steep at times and I'm also transitioning my accounting stuff to people in another state. So it's like 2.56x the work I am used to. Couple that with all this extra training (luckily most of it is on the weekend) and I feel burnt out at times. I'll be happy when it's all over in a few months.

Last Tuesday, We participated in the Run to the Plaza event. It was a nice break from my usual solo training. We met up with friends and had a good time.

We also hit Reggies roof top after work one day. Much needed break from everything.

We had our 18th MRC Chicago run on Saturday. As always, it's super fun with a great group of people. Our next run is August 6 at 11:10am at Northdown. JOIN US!!

We spent the 4th relaxing and eating good food with friends. A great way to end the long weekend.

Looking forward:

•Go swim.

•Stop being so hard on myself.

•Start getting a nutrition plan together for IM Racine.

12 days until IM Racine 70.3

68 days until IM Wisconsin 140.6


  1. What are you going to do this week (and the following weeks) to get out to the pool/lake more? What is holding you back now? I bet you are right - that once you hit it 2x a week you will feel A LOT better. And I know you have high standards for how much training you should do, but remember, there are IM plans out there doing much less than you! You will finish. Upright. LOL.

    (All that being said, when you mentioned your work stuff before I was hoping you could take the summer off to train. You must be so freaking exhausted.)

  2. You are not mediocre at all three. You are running the freakin' Boston Marathon next year! Luckily the run is the last part of the marathon so no matter how you do in the bike and swim you can look forward to kicking butt in the run! :)