Monday, January 16, 2017

Boston Marathon Training {Week 5}


I am an All World Athlete Bronze level for Ironman! By completing a full and a half IM, my combined points put me in the top 10% of my age group for the overall 2016 rankings. There's some perks for being AWA, like being recognized in the event program, priority bike racks and a special swim cap for the full distance- which makes me almost want to sign up for another 140.6 this year. Almost...


This week was mediocre- nothing exceptionally great or poor. If I had to pick a highlight, the 8 miler on Saturday would be it. Since Ive been running inside a lot, it felt great to run outside and enjoy the lakefront. The low point would have to be my speed sesh on Tuesday where I felt very hot. Another low point was having to run inside on Sunday after I ran with CB because the Raynaud's decimated my hands too much to go back outside.

I'm looking into better winter gloves but wonder if it's worth it to spend $60 on a pair- because I'll just run inside if it's below 25 anyways.

Training Plan

Monday- Easy 6 mile run
Tuesday- 5x 1k w/400 recovery 
                2x800 @ 3:30, 2x400 @ 1:45,1:40, 2x800 @ 3:30 + JasYoga "Run Your Core"
Wednesday- Rest    Easy 13.5 mile cycle
Thursday- 6 Mile tempo run  Easy 3 mile run
Friday- Easy 6 mile run  16.5 mile cycle
Saturday- Easy 6 mile run  Easy 8 mile run
Sunday- Easy 12 mile run. (4 mile with CB, 8 Miles inside including 5x1 min @7:00 pace)

7:49 Hours, 65 miles Total
35 mile running- 5:05
30 miles cycling- 2:21
22 min Yoga

Goals and Stuff

I feel like I'm still on track for a 3:25-3:30, although I feel even better now than I did last year at the same time. I zoomed up and down hills while I was outside, but haven't done any dedicated hill training yet. The stair machine in my gym is still broken, so I'll likely just start taking the stairs up to my place after workouts.


I'm now about 5lbs lighter and 2% leaner than when I started training. I owe this almost entirely to meal planning. For this week I made Shalane's Lemon Blueberry scones again and also the soba noodle salad- but changed up the ingredients a bit. I also made the peanut sauce from her book and I'm pretty much obsessed.
My Ombré game is strong in this outfit

Sunday was CB's 12th Birthday. We did an easy 4 mile run on the lakefront to celebrate. He insisted running on the ice on the side of the trail and looked so freaking happy. I love him so much.

Looking Forward

Hill training is a priority- especially since the half marathon I'm signed up for is a beast elevation wise. I need to add in more of my PT exercises with the resistance bands. I also need to be more positive if I swap an easy run for cycling. I guess that's one of the downfalls to having a training plan- I feel guilty if I amend it too much. I also want to do training right and feel good about the process vs most of my other training cycles where i felt like I could have done better.

90 Days to go until Boston!



  1. Wow, congrats on the AWA! That's awesome!

    I'm glad you were able to get outside for runs this past weekend. The weather was really nice for running! And even better to celebrate with CB that way :) Heidi made me take her for a long walk on Saturday since the sun was finally shining.

    I love anything with peanut sauce. We've been doing a lot of lettuce wraps with chicken, veggies and peanut sauce, or using it as a salad dressing.

  2. I need to dig Shalane's book back out and make more things out of it. Peanut sauce is the bomb.
    Congrats on the IronMan AWA thing, you did awesome!

  3. Happy Birthday CB!!!!

    I am happy you are loving the book so much :)

    I wonder if the gloves WOULD be worth it, even for those 25+ degree runs. I bet they'd really make a difference!

    Let me know if you ever want to come out here and hill train. There's a nice one mile hill I trained on last year for Frosty! :)

  4. Congrats!!!! You are killing it! I have Raynauds too so don't run in the bitter cold, but I've found Manzella mittens SAVE my hands in the winter. They are expensive but so worth it.