Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Boston Marathon Training {Week 6}

I was riding a wave of momentum from the past 2 weeks and then I crashed hard into the wall Tuesday with a stomach bug. Oh well, a little (4 days) rest never killed anyone.


In my groggy, mad that I felt like shit state, I put my name into the lottery for the NYC marathon. I'd love to run it again- and this year would mark the 15th anniversary of my first marathon- which was the NYCM. Although the more I look into logistics and everything, there is a chance I'll take my name out of the drawing before it even happens because {I am over analyzing and} it is overwhelming me too much . But for now I'll keep my fingers crossed.


Tuesday morning I woke up feeling off with stomach distress and Wednesday I ended up going home from work to try to sleep it off. I didn't feel like rushing back to working out and setting myself further behind, so I waited until Saturday to run again.

Training Plan

Monday- easy 4 mile run + easy 7 mile cycle

Tuesday- Friday {REST}

Saturday- 8 mile progressive run

Sunday- 13 mile cycle immediately before 10 mile run containing 8x4min @ 7:30 pace

Since I missed Tuesday's speed sesh, I figured throwing in some faster stuff on the weekend would be good. I felt fresh and springy and had a lot of fun zooming up and down the lakefront in the 60 degree craziness on Saturday and the extreme fog on Sunday.

Goals and Stuff

I feel on track to be able to run a sub 3:30 comfortably in April. (Pending weather and everything). Compared to last year I think I'm in a better place athletically, and am excited to smash the next 12 weeks of training.


I changed it up this week and made a few recipes from the "Racing Weight" cook book.

Humpty Dumpty...

I made apple bran muffins and mushroom egg frittatas which were great for breakfast during the week. For lunch I stuck to bland foods because of being sick.

On Sunday we took the Cb dog to Dovetail Brewery and Begyle Brewery to celebrate his birthday. We had a great time with our friends and their pups.

Looking Forward

Continuing to meal plan and cut back on alcohol is priority for me. I also need to drink more water on the weekends, I do a great job during the week but fail when I'm at home. Also, hills.

82 Days to go!



  1. Sorry to hear that you had some tummy troubles this week. You were wise to take a break and not overdo things last week. Glad you are feeling better. Great pics - especially of you and CB and the fog pic. Good luck on getting into NYC. I just checked the qualifying times and I realized I could use either my 2016 marathon and half marathon times to qualify! Alas, I'm not sure when this year I will feel ready for marathon training. It's nice not having any pressure right now and I'm enjoying shorter, faster runs. Those muffins/frittatas look good and having them already made makes for simple breakfast prep!

  2. Quit overthinking NYC! You will figure out a way to make it work if you get in!

    I hope you feel 100% better this week!

  3. Sorry to hear you were sick! A bug has been going around my office. Currently my boss is on day 3 of being sick :(

    I do a good job of drinking water at the office and at home but not on nights when I have burlesque shows, which is probably why I feel "hungover" the next day even if I don't drink (or only have one drink). I don't drink much water before or during shows either because we have no bathrooms backstage, so I don't want to have to hold it, or because once I'm in costume, I don't want to remove anything until my performance. And I get the "nervous pees" even if I'm not drinking water. So glamorous.

  4. I am sure by now you are feeling better. I LOVE how you say that you can run a 3:30 comfortably. :-)

    Yay for NY Marathon! Don't think about too much as I am sure it will work out.