Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Boston Marathon Training {Weeks 2 & 3}

Quick recap- during week 2 I got my wisdom teeth removed. So being a few grams lighter, I should totally smash all Strava segments and PR all the races in 2017!

In my post surgery haze, I bought some fresh kicks. Nike Pegasus shield, because they are awesome in the cold. No, really. They are awesome. And green and rose gold makes my heart flutter.

I also registered for a hilly half marathon. Perfect Boston training run.



After a great start to training in week 1, everything came to a screeching halt. On the Friday of week 2, I got all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed. This was planned, and also a reason for doing a 20 week cycle- that I would have plenty of time to recover and train my ass off before race day.

Post wisdom teeth, I took a few days off for recovery before I got stir crazy and started walking on the treadmill. I was super lucky to not have much if any swelling, and very minimal pain. Walking on the treadmill made me feel better than slothing around on the couch- once I felt good enough to do so. I was very conservative with returning to running because recovery was number 1. And because I was terrified of dry socket.

Goals and Stuff
My only goal for weeks 2 & 3 was to recover from wisdom teeth surgery.

Sums up getting 4 teeth ripped out of my head. Written in the recovery room while still high AF from sedation

Having to eat only mushy food for a week helped with resetting my mindset towards food- I wasn't as active so I didn't feel the need to consume large quantities of food- which made me feel much much better. I also lost a few lbs, so that was cool too and made me feel marginally better. Body fat is still not budging.

Looking Forward
I'm excited to get back into training and start doing speedwork again! Yay!

102 Days to go!



  1. I remember when I got my wisdom teeth pulled (and my rhinoplasty) it was like "here comes your anesthesia/sedative!" and then suddenly I'm waking up in recovery.

    Last April when I got a benign pilar cyst removed from my scalp (which I was lucky enough to be awake for, heh), I took the 4 weeks of no workouts, no head below my heart and no lifting seriously because I was terrified the stitches would burst.

    1. Nitrous and sedation are truly the best inventions ever! Why have a horrific memory of dental surgery when you don't have to!?

      I don't blame you for taking it easy for a month after your scalp surgery. A week post wisdom teeth I tried the elliptical and felt way too much pressure in my mouth and got super freaked out- and mouth stuff heals so much faster than outer skin stuff. Can only imagine what you went through!

  2. Wow, wisdom teeth removal is an even more effective method of weight loss than food poisoning (and more permanent, in terms of those few grams from your mouth) ;)

    Your hilly half is up in my neck of the woods! I was just checking out the elevation profile for that - intense! And I love the hill names, such as Substantial Hill, Sneaky Hill and Lung Buster Hill. But that'll definitely be good training.

    1. I'm so blessed that some folks (you included) understand my sarcasm. ;) so, I knew that race was hilly but hadn't seen the elevation profile until last week. OMG it's a beast!!!

    2. Yes it is! But it builds character, or something like that. Let me know if you want to grab post-race breakfast ("brunch" isn't the huge thing in Lake County that it is in the city, you know) while you're up this way. I could even come out and spectate!

  3. Ooo, your first year doing Cary! A lot of people I know love it and run it every year! Have fun!

    I am happy your recovery has gone well!

    1. I'm excited - I just hope the weather cooperates. Fingers crossed.

  4. ahhh, the good ole wisdom teeth removal...NOT. I remember getting all 4 of mine done at once, too. GROSS.
    THOSE SHOES are awesome!!! I've been in the market for a new kind of shoes since Brooks launch changed the width of their shoe.

    1. Anything surgery related especially dental makes me shudder but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be thank god.

      I'm not a fan of Brooks anymore either. I love my newtons but they took a while to get used to. I also love my Nike Pegasus, too. I hope you find a good shoe soon!

  5. I hope you are feeling better. Wow, 4 wisdom teeth!!!

    I love the color of those shoes!!

    1. Thank you- recovery was much easier than expected. And I couldn't wait to wear my new shoes :)