Monday, February 19, 2018

Boston Marathon Training 2018 {Week 10}

Week 10!!

Weekly Miles

Running: 50 miles, 07:01:27 hours

Cycling: 15.16 miles, 1:06 hours

Yoga/stairs: 57:40

Total Miles for this cycle

Running: 479.93 miles, 67:58 hours

Cycling: 186.63 miles, 14:42 hours

Yoga/stairs: 2:33 hours


I felt really good this week. The workouts I used to find borderline impossible at the beginning of the cycle now feel comfortably hard-almost easy. To see progress like this is what I live for with my running. I’m all about pushing and striving for something better- and I just hope on April 16 everything aligns and I can run my goal of 3:1x- I know for the training side, I will have done everything possible to ensure I meet my goal. Anything else is out of my hands and is something I won’t worry about until race weekend.

My little Ze Pequeno turned 10 months old on the 16th. I’m now counting the days until I can bring him on runs with me- we are waiting until he’s 1 year old to make sure he’s close to done growing to avoid any potential for long term injuries. I’ve missed running with CB tremendously and get teary eyed when photos of us running together pop up on my time hop.


Code brown at mile 2.75 of my easy Monday morning 6. I returned and finished the 6 after rushing up to my apartment. One major benefit of having a gym in my building.


4x1200’s at 6:18 pace on Tuesday felt almost easy.

8 mile tempo turned 8 miles at 7:13 with some pauses to stretch my calf felt the best it has in a while.

I ran a beer mile with my club on Saturday. I beat my PR by 30 seconds- I used 2 beers and 2 sparkling water to practice (so not technically a beer mile for me). My run lap splits were consistent but my drinking was ridiculously slow again.

While running with increasing amounts of liquid sloshing in my belly- if you had told me I was running a 9:30 mile I would have believed you since it felt like such a relaxed pace. I was shocked to see I had been running 7:30ish pace the entire time.

I wanted to practice before competing in the Danish Beer Mile championships again- my only area for improvement is Drinking time. It takes me almost longer to drink 4 beers than to run a mile.


I’m really happy with how Training is going. I’ve been taking it day by day and just putting in the work. Seeing glimmers of the gains I’m making (even on tired legs) motivates me even more.

Looking Forward

My first race of the year is this week! I’m excited and nervous to hustle up the Hancock’s 80+ flights of stairs. I did 2 “practice” sessions on the stair master this past weekend where I did 80 flights after both of my long runs. I just don’t see the stair master translating to actual stairs like the treadmill translates to outdoor running (I think it will be infinitely more difficult). Regardless, I’ll have fun.

I love Zwift!!!

I need to start cutting back on beer. I eat well, but the beer makes me feel crappy and bloated sometimes. Getting to race weight is important to me and is one of the final pieces of training to put together to make sure I have done everything possible to smash my goal.

Life is good, life is tiring, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I know when I’m old and can’t do this anymore I’d never regret not sleeping in more, having more “me time” (aka escape from real life), or more time to sit on my ass doing nothing. I try to maximize every minute I’m awake- to better myself, my family, my pups. To coast through life would be such a waste.

Roasted rando root veg tacos FTW{not part of my recipe challenge- since they didn’t come from one of my books, and I’ve made some iteration of them previously}

I’m enjoying cooking new to me recipes and am currently at 20/52 for 2018. A continually updated list is {HERE}

Days to go: 56! 🦄



  1. I thought of you yesterday while I was unpacking all of my cookbooks that have been boxed up since last summer - I'm so excited to start trying new recipes again!

    That's so awesome when once hard workouts start feeling doable and even easy! You're doing so awesome this training cycle!

    Heidi wants to know if Ze is having a big party for his 1st birthday? Smash cake and all, obviously.

  2. What is your plan to cut back on beer? When does it start?

    I'm glad that things that were hard in the beginning of training are feeling easier now. That is SUCH a great feeling!

    And, what are you going to do to cut back on beer drinking time (for the beer mile)? Ha, kind of contradicts my first question.