Monday, February 5, 2018

Boston Marathon Training 2018 {Week 8}

Week 8!

Celebrating 3 years of #mrcchicago with L

Weekly Miles

Running: 51.18 miles, 07:27.13 hours
Cycling: 0
Stairs: 120 floors, 00:20:36
Yoga: 14 minutes

Total Miles for this cycle
Running: 372.91 miles, 53:02 hours
Cycling: 140.36 miles, 11:17 hours


I feel like the lack of sleep I get is catching up to me. I thrive on 6:30-7 hours a night, but am averaging much less. This is something I’m working on - by going to bed earlier, (duh) so I can feel better.

Other than sleep, and my lower right leg, I’ve felt great. I was able to get my husband to dog sit the boys so I could take some hot baths. #soblessed.


Tempo 7 abandoned before I even attempted it. Ankle/lower right leg feels off- no pain but something is annoying and has felt that way for a few weeks. I originally attributed it to tweaking it on the black ice, thanks puppy brother Ze! and I still feel that way. Skipping a tempo in favor of some elliptical miles was the best thing to do- I believe in MICE vs RICE. Movement increases blood flow and healing vs sitting around doing nothing- only when an exercise can be substituted that doesn’t aggravate the problem of course! I also think I was too aggressive massaging my leg with my MOBI and the stick, resulting in a bruised feeling.


Tuesday Uniform FTW! Thanks Kim!

3x1 mile repeats at 6:18/Mile 3:54/k felt pretty good. The first 2 weren’t all rainbow pooping unicorns, surprisingly the 3rd felt the best and most comfortable.

My run club celebrated 3 years on Saturday. We had our largest turnout to date with 55 people! I can’t say enough wonderful things about this community of great folks!

Closing out January with 215.72 running miles was surprising. It’s the highest running mileage I’ve ever had in January. For comparison, last January while training for Boston, I ran 155 miles.


Despite the lower right leg feeling off, training is going great. I won’t worry about changing a few workouts now so that I can be 100% in Hopkinton.

Stairs are hard! I do stairs/trash my legs after speedwork and long runs only because easy days should be easy! It’s fun to see where my weaknesses are and to overcome them- stairs and hills being near the top of the list. It’s been good adding 3-6 min of stairs 4 days a week- I know it will make the Hustle up the Hancock marginally easier and will help me crush the newton hills.

Looking Forward

I’ll Continue to monitor the right leg and give it all the TLC and workout modifications it needs to go from 97.45% back to 100%.

More sleep, more yoga, less alcohol, smaller portion sizes of food. Blah blah blah. I know alcohol makes me sleep terrible. It’s a tough balance when my run club is centered around beer, but to be successful at my goals I’ll have to cut back and eventually cut out alcohol temporarily starting soon.

Life is so fantastically good, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Days to go: 70!! 🦄


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  1. I hope your leg feels better soon! Much smarter to dial back now and not overdo it on it!

    And I hope you can get more sleep soon. I know you are getting up hella early to work out, but it sounds like you are staying up late, too?

    That is so awesome the third mile felt the best on speed this week. And that you had your three year anni with MRC!!! <3