Sunday, January 28, 2018

Boston Marathon Training 2018 {Week 7}

Week 7!

Weekly Miles

Running: 52 miles, 07:15:27
Cycling: 15.24 miles, 1 hour
Stairs: 76 floors, 00:12:57

Total Miles for this cycle
Running: 321.73 miles, 45:35 hours
Cycling: 140.36 miles, 11:17 hours


Another 50+ mile week! It has been cool to look back at my training from last year- same plan {Hanson Advanced}, same goal race {Boston!} For speed work, my pace last year was 6:45/Mile, this year I’m at 6:18/mile. 27 seconds faster a mile! Last year I was not doing tempo Thursday runs because I was scared of injury, and instead opted for GMP miles during long runs. This year I’m doing the tempo runs at pace-7:13 a mile! And throwing some rando faster miles into my long runs to keep it interesting.

I was happy to not be a single double dog Mom this week. I was #soblessed my husband could dog sit the pups so I could take a few hot baths and execute my “me time” of escaping from reality. Just kidding about the cliche over used escape from reality of life “me time” bs. I love my life and actively make decisions to ensure I’m living a great life without regret. There will always be challenges/adversity whatever, but if you feel the need to escape from your life, there’s a huge problem imo.


Tempo 7 felt hot and tired. {recurring theme I suppose}


The infamous Hanson ladder workout of week 7 went smoothly. 400-800-1200-1600-1200-800-400 with quarter mile recovery all at 6:18 pace felt great. Also, as always, Tuesday Uniform FTW. Thank you Kim!

My 8 miler on Saturday felt very comfortable. I overdressed, but on purpose to continue with the heat training. 14 in the gym on Sunday morning was textbook. Nothing to write home about. I’ve been feeling a bit off the past few days- extra stuffy, slight sore throat at times and decided staying inside was better than outside.

Getting dressed up for an awards dinner was fun on Saturday night. We love photo booths. Fotio!


I’m officially more than a 3rd done with training! 11 weeks to go. Woo! My main priorities are to stay healthy and eventually start dialing back alcohol after beer festivals in February and March- to get to Racing Weight.

This week I cooked 4 new recipes towards my goal of 52 in 2018. A constantly updated list of what I’ve cooked is {HERE}

Looking Forward

I’m so excited for this year and the races I’m doing- pretty much a carbon copy of last year, minus the hustle up the Hancock and the IM in October. I never ever feel like I have to do this- but instead am so thankful that I am able to challenge myself and have fun along the way and never take myself too seriously.

Days to go: 78!!! 🦄



  1. You're doing a stair challenge this year?!

    That is so awesome your paces are faster than last year. Do you think you could run a 5K PR now if you wanted? Not sure what yours is but your interval times seem so fast to me!!! Yay Tuesday uniform!

    The fettucine and grilled cheese look sooooooooooooooooooo good. Is it lunch time yet?

  2. LOL at the picture of Ze and his Kong on the couch (way to coordinate that with his outfit, btw). Dogs are so goofy.

    Your #dogparentsnightout looks fun! Glad you two could get away for a night :)

    Holy crap the grilled cheese sandwiches look good. OMG.