Monday, January 21, 2019

28.12.18- 29.18.12 São Paulo

On the 28th we did our usual 5 miles in the Parque Ibirapuera. I love this park so much. 

It’s an oasis in the middle of one of the largest cities in the world.

It’s quiet and way from the craziness just outside- the ocasional helicopter sound reminds you that you’re in one of the busiest helicopter traffic places in the world.

Post run we had breakfast at the hotel- included in our stay. I became a pro at ordering omelette in Portuguese. Eu gostaria um omelette com cebolina, presunto, queijo.

After breakfast it was time to go see Mae and Pai. This event was going to be ridiculously special- my Daad would meet them face to face for the first time ever. 

On the way we saw Ze Pequeno’s car shop  with a huge Santa. (Ze is short for Jose)


Seeing my Daad meet Mae and Pai was so incredibly great. L and I have been together 9 years, and we skype, but it’s not the same as face to face, holding their hand. Even though my dad cannot speak Portuguese, and Mae and Pai cannot speak English they got along just fine.

After visiting for a while, we went to Liberdade. São Paulo has the biggest population of Japanese outside of Japan.

We went to Kintaro- a very small bar with some snacks and stupid cold beer.. This sign cracks me up:
“We don’t have WiFi, we don’t accept credit cards. We don’t have noodles. We don’t have sushi, sashimi, yakisoba. Do not bring outside food or drink in. We don’t give reciepts.”

It was a nice break to enjoy some cold beer as it was hot this day.

Cold Antártica chopp.

Then we took my Daad to Trilha because we knew he would like their Ipas.

I love this place!


I got a pulled pork sandwich from Crazy Meats food truck- which was constructed out of an old VW bus.  The owners son (like 4-5 years old) came up to us to give menus and ask what we wanted. He handled my order and money with better service than some places in the USA :) he was too damn cute- we joked that not buying something from him was basically the equivalent of killing puppies. 

At Trilha we ran into a friend and his gorgeous white golden, Tony Montana. 

Post Trilha we got dinner at Academia da Gula- a Portuguese restaurant. I’ve been here before and loved it.

I had a passion fruit- blue curaçao caipirinha.

Portuguese rolls.

Roasted potatoes with the most amazing olive oil and olives.


The full spread.

We were fortunate to see our good friend Sergio again for dinner before he left for the beach.

We started the 29th in the park. Of course. 

I saw the white kitty in the sun spot again- he was there every day in the same spot.

After breakfast we walked to the metro and went to the Mercado!

The walk from the metro to the Mercado is intense. It’s packed with people, vendors and shops. I wanted to take some photos as we walked down the hill, but I likely would have been robbed. I didn’t wear my nice running watch or bring my camera either. 

Once we were in the Mercado municipal we went straight to Santa Therezinha Cervejas  for some hydration.

We walked around the Mercado for a while. It’s huge!

The fruits are amazing- many I’ve never seen outside of Brasil. The vendors are more than happy to give a sample.
All sorts of olives. 
And more olives and peppers!

Salt cod.

Olive oil. 

This market is extremely clean and has an amazing selection of basically anything you could need.

Salt cod used to make bacalhau.

It was crazy packed! Especially since it was a Saturday.

After walking around we went to what we came for. The world famous mortadella sandwich at Bar do Mane.

While we waited, we refreshed with some more stupid cold beer. Yes that’s ice on the bottle.

I first had this sandwich 6 years ago- it left so much of an impression on me that I named my bike after it. Mortadella. It’s cooked on the flattop and then they melt cheese on it. The bread, everything, it’s perfection  with a cold beer.

Meat sweats.

Stained glass in the Mercado.

Palace of fruits

We walked off the mortadella and went to Cathedral Sé

Nativity inside the cathedral.

It’s a crazy huge cathedral.

The point where São Paulo was founded.
We took the metro back to Avenue Paulista and got off at the MASP station- the modern art museum.  

Then we walked by the finish for the São Silvestre.

And after walking like 24k steps, we stopped for hydration. I got a passion fruit batida- so delicious.

Then we went to Tap Tap after a quick nap at the hotel. 

And I had my favorite- caldo de feijao.

I need to learn how to make this here.

And then to Vaca Veia for dinner. 


Tapioca fried things.

Vinaigrette. I could just eat this with bread. Simply the best quality tomatoes, onions in olive oil and vinegar.


It was a great end to another busy day in São Paulo. 

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  1. Man, that Mortadella sandwich is just INSANE. Insane! It looks amazing!

    It's so special that your dad got to meet your in-laws!!!! <3 <3 <3 I bet that meant a lot to both of them!

    I bet it's fun to try all the fruits at the market! There are so many we don't have here (for obvious reasons, since they don't grow here lol).