Thursday, January 24, 2019

30.12.18- 1.1.19 São Paulo


We started the day with another run in the park. 

We needed a shakeout before our big race the next morning.

But in reality, I just knew this would likely be the last time we would be here on this trip and needed to run a few laps before saying tchau

Post parque Ibirapuera we got breakfast and then went to Mae and Pai’s house.

But first, we went to a vegan, natural food buffet to meet some friends.

Then we were back in the Uber to Mae and Pai.

São Paulo bridge over the river. No capybaras this time.

After a nice visit, we went back to Empório for beer.
And we ran into Tony Montana, the white golden again. 

Cerveja so refreshing on a hot summer day. 

Then we took the Uber to another cool places and I took photos of the murals.

And more murals- I know I took this same shot on my last trip- would be interesting to compare the evolution of the graffiti.

More interesting art.

Simpson’s themed.

We ended up at Cateto a new craft beer and artisanal cheese and meat place.

The interior was beautiful.

I had more beer.

We got mushroom bruschetta.

It was not only gorgeous, but delicious.

And a porchetta with roasted tomatoes on the vine. Amazing.

 What a cool place in a nice neighborhood 

On the walk to dinner, there was a ton of cool murals.

Sunset was great.

We decided on Braz elettrica for dinner. We’ve been to regular, sit down braz before and love the pizza. This is more of a casual concept.

It’s got a cool electric atmosphere.

Pizza was so good.

Before bed, I laid out my outfit for Sao Silvestre.


We got up and ran Sao Silvestre 15k

On the walk back to the hotel post race we walked past Jaber Especialidades Árabes which arguably has the best Lebanese food in São Paulo.

We got esfihas as a post run snack and bought a bunch more to bring to Mae and Pai. We also got a big side of lentils with rice- to eat lentils on NYE is good luck.

Then I took some photos.

The sun felt so good.

Elevator selfie.

Rocking my medal.

We stopped for a quick drink - a traditional caipirinha at the hotel before getting ready for new year eve celebrations.

There was a lovely macaron waiting for each of us in our hotel when we got back.

White is what you wear in Brasil for New Year Eve. It’s good luck.

We went to the New Zealand themed bar, Kira Ora to ring in the new year.

Loads of pictures!

And more

And loads of gin and tonicas. Gin is having a moment in São Paulo right now.

We settled on the second floor so we could see the live band.

Imitating Ze Pequeno.

It was cool to see everyone in the bar dressed in white.

Everyone in white under blue lights.

More gin

We met up with our friend, Jackie Chan (Claudio) the unofficial mayor of São Paulo,  and hung out with him for a while.

More pictures. We weren’t having fun at all.

More gin!

Feliz ano novo! Happy 2019!

The band played 90’s rock music. It was a great night.

We woke up late and hung out at the hotel for a while. Then we drove to Mae and Pai to hang for a while until our late flights.

Replication of arguably the first plane to fly ever- yes Brasil says they were before the Wright Brothers.

Views from Mae and Pai’s house.

I love this place

We left for the airport and settled into the lounge for a bit before our flights. I was so hungry because nothing was open on the holiday.

One last picture before we got separate planes back. It was so great to have my Daad join us in São Paulo. I was so happy he could meet L’s parents and see wheee L grew up.

Airport selfie.

Our home for 10 hours.

Plane selfie.

Tchau São Paulo.

I watched Eat Love Pray in Portuguese and understood pretty much all of it.

Cheers , saúde to one  hell of an amazing trip. 

I slept like 7 hours on the plane. This never happens. I was so tired. Our plane departed São Paulo around 11pm.

Then we had a quick turnaround in Dallas. Baggage took a while to come out and some lady was freaking out like she was the only one on the plane. Pro tip: calm the F*ck down And don’t make a scene. 

Selfie on the DFW—> ORD Dreamliner.

We got home and walked to Spoke and Bird for lunch before getting the boys. It felt great to walk in the cold.

The boys were so happy to see us. Here’s Ze Pequeno laying on me and CB sleeping in Ze’s crate.

I was happy to return home to the boys and regular life.  I promise to never let 4 years go between visits again. To be able to see Mae and Pai, and most of our friends was so great. This trip was all about family, friends, and food. Tchau, see you soon! Tudo de bom, pra você. 

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