Monday, January 14, 2019

São Paulo 26.12.18 - 27.12.18

On 26 December we went back to Parque Ibirapuera where we ran our usual 5 mile course. Upon completion of our second lap, we spotted a gorgeous border collie. We spoke to the owners and learned that Marie is 14 years old and only likes fresh coconut water from the vendors in the park, none of that boxed crap. 

After the park we went to spend time with Mae and Pai. They are so wonderful.

After spending a bunch of time with Mae and Pai, we went to Alliance Park where L’s beloved Palmeiras play.

L is a die hard Palmeiras fan, whereas his dad is all Corinthians - the main rival.

We took a tour of the stadium it is only 4-5 years old. It was cool taking a tour in Portuguese and understanding nearly all of it- especially since it’s not conversation Vocabulary I would have experienced before.

The stadium was constructed to look like a basket which helps with acoustics - dampening the sound for the surrounding community and also enabling the stadium to be cooler.

As much as I hate crowds, seeing a Palmeiras game in their home stadium is high on my bucket list.

L was so happy to see the stadium.

It is a gorgeous park.

Next time, we will see a game.

Even got to see their locker room.

It is such a cool stadium.

Post tour, we walked to Trilha brewery to meet up with friends. L has known the brewer/owner Daniel for a while.

The beer at Trilha is amazing. The iPas are juicy and delicious, the stouts are so flavorful. The location is also really cool.

Despite the holidays- we were able to meet up with many of our friends. 

This time of year, between Christmas and new year is summer break and many people travel back home or to the beach.

It was so great seeing so many wonderful people.

We got to hang out in the brewery for a while. 

After a while we took an Uber to iCraft Beer to get food. My pulled pork sandwich was really good.

Seeing our friends was so great.

Another busy day, but that’s the only way to do it here.

On the 27 December we didn’t go to the park because we had to go to Gru Airport to pick up my dad!

On the way back from the airport I was looking out the window towards the river and I saw duas (2) capybaras! Not 1, but 2! 

We dropped my dad at the hotel and we went to the expo to get out Sao Silvestre kits.

When we returned, we picked up my dad and went to Empório Dos Altos Pinheiros for some excellent craft beer.

Then we went to Pirajá for lunch. This was my Daad’s first time in São Paulo!

I had a maracujá (passion fruit) caipirinha. Be still my soul.

We had coxinhas- tear shaped fried things filled with chicken, cheese and potatoes.

We also had pastéis. Kind of like a wonton- these were filled with either meat, cheese or shrimp.

We also had one of my favorites- Caldo de Feijão. Basically feijoada broth.

I also had a caju caipirinha- this is made from the fruit of the cashew.

Later that night we went to meet more friends at another craft beer place- it was open air and my heart was so happy. 

Sunset from our hotel. View of the park and obelisk.

After seeing our friends we went to New Dog for smiley fries and food.

Obligatory smiley fry shot.

I had a burger with mushrooms, onions, lettuce and catupiry cheese.

And had a suco de caju- cashew juice.

It was a great end to my Daad’s first day in São Paulo.

This fry basically represented how I felt the entire trip. My face hurt from smiling so much.

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  1. OMG all the food looks so good STAAAAAAAAP. Ha. I think I might be hungry!

    The stadium tour sounds fun! Was the team off for the season? I hope you do get to see them play.

    Yay for seeing so many friends! Is it people you know through L, or people you met together?