Tuesday, May 21, 2019

København Day 2 + Beer Mile {race recap}

Wednesday morning we went for a run around the lakes. 

There’s a bunch of birds which live at the lakes- geese, swans, coots. I love it. 

Saw this heron too!

Duas swans!

It’s a nice place to run- crushed limestone around the lakes. 

Post run we went to Andersen and Maillard bakery. We found them through a video on YouTube. The chef previously worked at Noma- so I knew it would be amazing. 

I love the simplicity of Danish breakfasts. A soft boiled egg + Rugbrød. So satisfying. 

Cinnamon sugar coated croissant. 

We went to Mikkeller Viktoriagade for a few beers- Omnipollo was having a tap takeover. 

Then we went to Warpigs for another beer + food. Hindsight is 20/20 and perhaps bbq {and beer} wasn’t the best idea pre beer mile. 
After our success of biking to Baghavn Tuesday night, we decided to rent Donkey Bikes again and bike to Baghavn.  We met up with A from Liverpool and then cycled 4 miles without incident to Baghavn. 

I love this place!

We picked up our numbers and waited for our heats. 

Fun before it wasn’t. 

Watching everyone suffer. 

Go L go!

L did great with a fast time of sub 11. 

Watched a. Few more heats and then it was my turn. I had wanted to stop at 2, but ultimately the competitor in me took over. 

First 2 laps were ok- full of burps. 

Last 2 I felt quite sick I tried to puke. No jam. 

The course went behind some shipping containers transformed into condos. Super cool. Until I stopped to cough/try to puke and looked over to my left to see a guy reading a book in his bed 10’ from me. Smh. 

I got lapped by a Danish Olympian at least 2x. On her final lap I tried to keep up running with her for 200m. So dumb of me. She finished in 6:xx, I finished in 12:xx
Post mile we packed into the tent for the awards ceremony. It is here where we learned a traditional danish drinking song. 

: Ka' Xaar, ka' Xaar, ka' Xaar  drikke ol

It was a ton of fun hanging with everyone. 

Then the Bäska came out. People know about our love for Malort and were inspired to share their countries versions. 

Luckily I didn’t have to accept an award and drink more beer. 🤢 

We ended the night at Boaden and Build. 

We cycled back to near our flat (somehow since I don’t remember) and got food from Khiosk and then met everyone for more beer at Fermentoren. 

I don’t remember much past the beer mile.  Last year I woke up the morning after the beer mile and felt the world spinning- I attributed it to melatonin. This year I didn’t take any melatonin and felt equally as bad. The adrenaline + beer = bad combo for me. No more beer miles in my future forever. I’ve also been thinking about quitting alcohol altogether. 

Friends, food and mostly fun for day 2. 


  1. I love the name "Khiosk", is it an actual kiosk or a sit down restaurant? I guess it wouldn't be a complete trip to Denmark without a swan sighting (because Hans Christian Andersen)! Congrats on the strong finish in the beer mile. At least if you were lapped, you were lapped by an Olympian! Anyway, too bad they don't have a "regular" mile as well, but I guess if a brewery sponsoring a mile it has to make it a beer mile. After reading the colorful descriptions of the few beer miles you've run over the years, I am quitting them forever as well, despite never having run one!

  2. How lovely to have those lakes with wildlife in the city! I need to look back at my pics from when I went there and see where I went - I wonder if we were near those at all.

    Man, the beer mile just sounds BRUTAL. LOL at you trying to barf by that guy's condo. The shopping container condos sound neat!