Friday, May 24, 2019

København Days 3-4

Thursday morning we went for a nice walk 

We were on a mission. 

We went to Studio Arhoj so I could buy some of their adorable ceramic pieces. I first learned of them from a friend last year, and was so happy to finally get to see their studio. 

All the walking worked up an appetite. So we had hotdogs at the mall. Then we continued walking around and bought some Chili Klaus hot sauce to bring back. 

We went back to Mikkeller Viktoriagade to enjoy their TTO (tap takeover) for Angry Chair. 

So many incredible beers on a beautiful day. 

We ran into H again. 

And then added B to our squad. 

Then we went to dinner at the brand new Vesterbro Chinese. 

We ran into many more friends there too 

and ate a delicious prix fix menu with Mr Aktivfoodie, Donald. 

Burrada And Sichuan pepper! 

The most amazing chicken wings with Sichuan. 

All things Sichuan!

Soft shell crab smorrebrod. 

Us and Aktivfoodie. 

Post dinner we cycled up to Koelship the lambic bar. 

This is one of my favorite bars in CPH  it’s full of hygge and sours. 

We rode bikes up there- being confident to bike in Copenhagen was a game changer. Usually we would just walk - in this case almost 2 miles. But biking is so much better and faster!

We cycled fast to get to World famous Kebabistan before they closed at 1am. With 7 min to go, we were the only ones around. 

2 minutes later and 5 until closing, there was a crazy line. 

Perfect end to day 3. 

Day 4 was the start of MBCC!

We had our first beer from North Korea. 

The beer was light and kind of tasted like sake. 

The longest line at the festival consistently wasn’t for bissell brothers or the veil or any other world famous brewery, but it was for Taedonggang. 


Post festival we walked around. 

Friendly reminder. 

Fire starter at the festival. 

For dinner we wanted to go to Brus, so we rented bikes for the several mile trip there. Unfortunately it was packed and all we got was a delicious beer. 

Then we cycled over to my favorite bar, Mikropolis for a cocktail. 

Another friendly reminder. 

We cycled back to near where we were staying under the cover of darkness. I loved how peaceful it was. 

We ate at Ankara Duram for more amazing schwarma before going to Viktoriagade and eventually Fermentoren. 

Meet up with H again randomly and had a blast talking over beer. 

The perfect end to day 4. 

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  1. It does sound like cycling was a game changer - awesome!

    How was the daylight while you were there? Were the days pretty long?