Thursday, August 4, 2011

Today is not my Friday

But I wish it was....

Mainly because of the lovely weather that has descended upon chicagoland.

I did a 5k time trial last night with the CES group. There were less people last night than other nights, maybe they were at outdoor cafes enjoying the refreshing weather.

I had planned earlier in the day to push the pace a little and finish in 25:00. After the warmup, I was feeling good so I took off and was surprised to see I was running 7:30 pace at the first half mile. I felt great and pushed the pace but kept it comfortably hard for the rest of the run. I finished in 23:22 although I think the course was a little short. I'll take 7:40 pace any day! This was a massive confidence booster because I keep worrying about my calf (which isn't hurting much surprisingly) and because Of the lack of mileage this cycle. If the weather was hotter like last week, I would have folded like a cheap suit.

I'm actually a little excited for the rock n roll Chicago half next week. I'm hoping the weather stays cool and keeps getting cooler.

Classic CB

How do you build confidence when you are having a less than ideal training cycle?



  1. i need to come up there and do my long run this saturday. :O)

  2. Wow! 23 minutes! Holy crap. I'm going to start praying to the running gods that I can someday run that fast!

    Way to go!

    (PS: tell that weather to come south! I miss 70 degrees!)

  3. Good to hear that the 5K time trial went well! Hopefully your calf pain stays away!

    That weather does indeed look great!

    I feel bad because that 71-80 degree high is pretty much what have been having daily around here!

  4. Nice time, lady! I am running the Champions Run 5K this weekend, but going to take it slow due to injury recovery...sigh. So my confidence level is pretty low since I've missed out on a lot of running this summer. But signing up for smaller races with friends is helping me love it again!

  5. 23 minutes! Way to go lady! You are going to fly past me at the rock n roll next weekend!

  6. Nice time trial lady! Oh the weather here is glorious right now, I'm going to try to enjoy it while it lasts...which may not be long!

    Glad the calf is doing better. I wish I was running the RNR half, but I'm not. It was too dang expensive and I went for a much cheaper half on Labor day weekend in the suburbs that has a beautiful course.

    I think a good speed session at awkward timing is always a great confidence booster to my training.

  7. Nice work with your time trial!!

    And have fun with your half next weekend, so excited for you. You're going to kick its butt.

  8. Nice job! Actually...I'm about to write a post on running confidence (of which I have really little). But I'd say something like a kickass time trial like yours is a HUGE confidence booster!