Friday, September 30, 2011

September by the numbers

133.6 miles run in September

1 Half marathon in 1:53

8 days until marathon #4

3- the number of marathons I will have completed in 365 days.

48- the number of photos I took of Willis.

3- the number of cupcakes I ate. They were yummy!

3- the number I'm hoping to see at the beginning of my
Chicago marathon finish time.

0- the number of injuries I currently have.

1- the number of photo shoots I did with CB.

1- the number of races I registered for.

2- the number of friends who will be running this event also, who convinced me to do it. (thanks Tribu!)

0- the number of marathons I had planned on running before april 2012.

1- the number of weeks off after Chicago marathon before I start training for the Ing Miami Marathon.

1839- the times I've obsessed About Chicago marathon weather and the Miami marathon weather.

??- the number of bloggers I hope to meet next week.. I'm talking especially to you JunieB and Britt :)

3- the bowls of pasta I'll eat with my dad next week before the marathon.

0- the number of bowls I want to eat of pasta.

Happy October!



  1. I can't wait to read how it goes! I hope the weather is good for you! So jealous of a fun blogger meet up!

  2. I've been thinking about the dang weather for next Sunday obsessively too. I can handle the cold, I can handle the rain, maybe I can handle a little wind, but gosh darn it I cannot handle direct sun with humidity. This better not be our fate!!!

    I can't believe that you are giving yourself 1 week off before you start training for another marathon! Wowzers, that pretty hardcore! As of right now I've committed myself to being non-commitial to any races post marathon, too difficult for me to predict my crazy post-race feelings!

    Excited to FINALLY meet you as well. Trying to work something out that complies with the majority of peoples schedules, currently I'm taking a poll on my blog where I hope to have some plans by Monday.

    Enjoy your last premarathon weekend!

  3. LOVE! Holy cow you put in a TON of miles this month! You are amazing!!

  4. OMG I AM SO EXCITED! Oh and I found out that they opened a Magnolia Bakery there! Yum! I went to Sprinkles last night to get 2 cupcakes for sister day today! (spending the day with her).

    I laughed out loud at 1839 number for weather obsession. Right there with ya!! AND you signed up for Miami!!!

  5. Great running numbers this month! Obsessing about weather is what runners and triathletes do best!