Thursday, December 1, 2011

November en Numeros

2- the number of times I had to write this post because the Blogpress app is super buggy. :(

1- the number of sour beer academy's at Goose Island brewery I attended.

10- the number of new sour beers tasted that I've never tried before.

2-3, the number of those beers I'd actually like to drink again.

4- the number of beer academy's I hope to attend next year.

1- new state visited. Tennessee

3.5- number of minutes I smashed my 5k PR by.

4.9- minutes it took after the race to not feel like death and catch my breath.

9- times I thought during the race, "why so many effffn hills?"

22:18- my new 5k PR!

1- cool mug I won for 3rd AG

30- degrees at start of the race

30-45 seconds- my dad said I could have ran faster in the 5k had I not ran 6 of the hilliest miles of my life the day before through every street in my moms neighborhood.

1- smokehouse sandwich eaten from dunkin donuts.

0- number I wish I had eaten.

??- miles run/ cycled because I'm too lazy to add it up.

525- number of photos taken in november.

Looking forward:

2- days until I dress as Santa for the santa hustle 5k and attempt (maybe if I decide to race it) to continue to hold the record for fastest 5k between Tribu and I.

Beards are aerodynamic right?!?

1- reason why beating Tribu is important.

25-29. The age group we are both in for the next 7 months.

3- new gray hairs discovered on my head :( I'm getting old.

58- days until Tribu and I run the Ing Miami together!



  1. Ha, dressing up like santa! Fun!

    And Goose Island....always wanted to go there. Maybe some day!

    Good luck on all your upcoming races!!

  2. Beer academy? Sign me up.

    I don't know what to think about the sour beer though...never tried it before!

    We have a new brewery in town where I did a tasting a couple weeks ago-- so much fun.

  3. I want to do beer academy also! Congrats on the age group placing and good luck this weekend!

  4. Beer Academy indeed sounds good - but not sure that I like the taste of sour beers!

    That Santa race does sound awesome, good luck!

  5. SUPER CUTE shirt! what brand is that?

  6. Nice job with November! Love your new 5k PR that is a rocking fast time! I have never tried sour beer, not sure that it sounds good...

    I love the shirt too, super cute!

  7. can't believe that your marathon is in 58 days...didn't you just finish chicago?!

    i don't know if beards are aerodynamic, but i decided that i don't want to find out. hope to see you there, and that the weather is nice.

    didn't you hear...grey hairs are the new trend?