Thursday, March 1, 2012

March goals

February stats

22 miles run

120 miles cycled on my new BFF, the stationary bike. Sorry tread.

142 total February miles.

Last run of February

This past Monday I went to the training kickoff for the Shamrock Shuffle 8k at fleet feet.

If you registered for the Nike run loud app to access your facebook, nike would give a white bracelet that would allow photos taken at the event (like the one above) to be uploaded directly to your page once scanned.Pretty cool.

They had runs ranging from 3-5 miles with pacers. I ran 3 miles with the 9:00 group and had a good time meeting new Chicagoland runners and seeing some friends from other events last year. For a big city like Chicago, the running community is small :)

Post run, they had *free* pizza and goose island 312. Whoo

My injury is still present, although getting better each day and it was nice to run a few miles on the trail with others. I'll definitely return this coming Monday to run again, providing there isn't any rain.

March Goals

Looking forward, The only race on the schedule this month is the shamrock shuffle 8k.

My main fitness goal is to hit 300+ miles during march. (and continue with the core/ hip/ groin strengthening exercises I've been doing)

I also would like to start building a good base of 20-30 miles a week (running) in preparation for chicago marathon training starting in 2 months. Of course, that's all depending on how this injury keeps going. And yes, I do plan on going to a PT, or athletico soon.

Cb also requested more walks to the bark park. With a face like that I couldn't say no :)

What are your march goals?

#1 for me is: run pain free!



  1. Good luck with your March goals. I hope you rock them all.

    My goal for March is to get my swim mileage completed!

  2. PR at my 10K.

    Successfully integrate a schedule my body can live with between running AND CrossFit.