Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ok ok, I'll jump on the bandwagon

Thankful Thursday!

My Mom is coming to visit me next week!

This will be her first visit to Chicago and I'm super excited to show her this fabulous city. But, I need help... I'm not a touristy person. Just give me a dive bar with a good beer selection and I'm happy. I need ideas on where to take her. I've got navy pier, shedd aquarium, willis tower, cupcakes and Chicago dogs on the list. What am I missing?

My dog is now legal

Thankful because: I just read an article stating that police will start cracking down on unregistered Chicago dogs- perhaps Chicago is hurting for $$$? Apparently only 5% of Chicago dogs are actually registered in Chicago, and police will begin visiting dog parks to fine people with unregistered dogs. So I plunked down $16 this morning to make CB legal. ($5 a year, $1 processing fee). Now I am happy to avoid a costly fine, and CB is happy to be a legal resident of Chicagolandia.

Thankful to Nike

I was selected as a winner from the shamrock shuffle #makeitcount photo contest. For winning, Nike sent me one of their sweet new GPS watches. I can't wait to take this baby out for a run on the lakefront this weekend! *although I still love my garmin :)

Thankful and not for the Helicopters

The Blackhawks have been practicing "urban" training over the past few days in downtown. Monday was cool because they started around dusk buzzing low around the buildings. Tuesday it was not so cool at 10pm mainly because I couldn't take photos of them...

What are your favorite places to visit in Chicagoland?

What would you want to visit in Chicago?

Where else should I take my mom?

What are you thankful for?

- xaar


  1. What about the LP Zoo? It's free!

    Also, my parents always used to love to visit "local" places near my apartments, so they would feel like they knew the area I lived in!

    1. Awesome suggestion! I totally forgot about the zoo! And I've never been there either- just moved to Chicago a year ago :)

  2. Garretts Popcorn! Oh and I loved the 'bean' and that whole area there near where the start/finish of the marathon is...whats that big fountain? I love that fountain. I just loved that whole area.

    1. Ooh I forgot about Garret's! And yes, definitely need to show her the start-finish of the marathon!


    Also - Michigan Avenue, the observatory at the Hancock Building, Millennium Park, and if the weather is nice Oak Street Beach or North Avenue Beach. Museum campus is always fun. I've taken friends to hear some live jazz (The Green Mill), to watch some improv comedy (ComedySportz, Improv Olympic, Second City), and to the ethnic neighborhoods (Chinatown, Pilsen, Devon Ave, Greektown, etc.) Other sports-minded friends wanted to see Wrigley Field and the statues outside of the United Center.

    1. Oh my goodness you know Chicago so well! I've lived here a year and haven't been to many of the places you mentioned!

      Yes and of course I will take her for some deep dish!! Thank you for the suggestions!!!! :)

  4. I have never been to Chicago, but I think I would want to go to the Sears tower and isn't there some lake front there?

    So glad CB doesn't have to worry about the dog police getting him!

  5. I love the Deep Dish pizza! And of course shopping in the miracle mile but that is all I know about Chicago!

    Have fun with your mom!

  6. eeekk, my dogs aren't registered in the city and i honestly had no idea that they needed to be! i thought that they just needed to be current with vaccaninations (think i spelled that wrong...). guess i should check that out.

    i had no idea that you won the nike watch, congrats! my hubby wants that watch for his marathon training this summer.

    deep dish pizza perhaps???

  7. Oh that is so funny about the dog license thing, I had no idea that dogs were supposed to be registered.

    And congrats on winning that watch, I did LOVE that photo :)

    I think I'm going to do the OC marathon when I'm in California with Tappan. May 5th I think. Haven't signed up yet, I'm waiting to see what the weather's going to be like haha.

  8. I would definitely get some pizza and check out Millennium Park!

    And those helicopters were CRAZY! I thought they were going to come crashing through my window!