Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thursday things

1st Thing

The odds were slim to get in, so I didn't have high hopes of making it. Also, kind of relieved to dodge the inevitable $everal thousand dollar cost associated with this trip. I especially question the use of the exclamation points in the above... "Sorry! You're not in !!!!!" NYC marathon, well done on your punctuation marks and editing!!!!

2nd thing:

With the news from above!! And news that my goal BQ 2013 marathon conflicts with a friends wedding outside of the country, I am currently left without a fall marathon. (minus the Chicago marathon that I'm running with WW) I am slightly bummed about it, but very very happy to visit a new country. It's only running anyways. Perhaps focusing on a shorter distance like the half marathon for this fall, and remaining injury free is the smartest path to take- which will catapult me into a great place for a winter or early spring marathon.

3rd Thing:

This is how I currently feel. I've got some allergies or a mild cold and am somewhat pissed about it. There are loads of sick people at work that should have stayed at home, but instead came to the office to share their germs with everyone. How effffn thoughtful!

4th Thing:

My mom is arriving tomorrow!! and I couldn't be more happy to bum around Chicagoland with her! Thanks to all of your comments on This post, I now have enough Chicago attractions to visit with her for the next 4 visits. The hard part will be narrowing down the list for the 2.5 days she is here.

5th Thing:

So because the last few "things" have been more rant-like, I'll end on a more positive note.

I really enjoyed our 8 mile run this past weekend. Even though the path was more crowded than previous times, CB stayed on track and was pretty good.
I'm really looking forward to taking my mom out on the path this weekend!

Do you run if you're sick?
-I feel a little tired, a bit more congested than normal with a slight sore throat (sleeping with mouth open?). Might try a few miles tonight.

Which cool races are you running this fall-winter?

Who has the best deep dish in Chicago?
-since I'm a recent transplant to Chicago, im not up with the best of the best deep dish... I've heard Gino's and UNO are good. Tell me your favorite!

- xaar


  1. I like to run if I'm not feeling 100%. I feel it helps clear the sinuses and makes me feel like less of a slug.

    I don't really have my fall or winter race schedule planned out yet! I've been meaning to get on that.

    Pequod's has the best deep dish in Chicago, hands down. #2 goes to Lou Malnati's. Mouth = watering!!!

    1. Havent heard of Pequods, but I love the name!

      I hope a little running knocks whatever I have out of me. I'm not liking this at all :)

  2. Bummer about NYC, but that would be an expensive trip! I'm planning to run Chicago - it will be my first marathon, and therefore my only marathon this year. But I would love to run the Detroit Marathon someday, since it's run in both the US and Canada. And I've heard good things about the Milwaukee Marathon and Green Bay Marathon (but I think that one is in the spring). My Ultra Marathoner best friend (who is sadly injured right now) loves the Vermont Marathon. She says it's very small and beautiful.

    1. Thanks for all the marathon reccomendations. I'll have to look into all of them. Vermont does sound beautiful!

  3. I heard once that you can run if your cold or sickness is above the neck (e.g. headache, stuffy nose, etc) - but if it is below the neck, then you shouldn't run. But when in doubt, I say either don't run or just run easy.

    Deep dish pizza!!! I wrote a blog entry last month about my favorite Chicago pizzas!

  4. Sorry about the NYC marathon, lol on the punctuation they used in the email!

    Bummer about not being able to do other races in the fall, maybe focus on shorter races for now?

    As for Chicago attractions, my favorite was going to a baseball game at Wrigley and White Sox field, Top of the Hancock tower, and the silver jelly bean. Navy pier was also cool.

    I've only had chicago deep dish once, but I thought Giordano's was amazing. Still my favorite pizza of all time.

  5. I usually run if I am not feeling well, even if it is super slow. I find that it usually makes me feel better.

    I am searching for a fall marathon now, too! I can't run Chicago due to an out of town wedding, and I didn't get into NYC, so I'm up in the air!

  6. Sorry about NYC! Have a great time with your mom!

  7. I usually run when I'm not feeling well, unless I have a fever. As for fall races, I'm sorry about NYC. It's a great race, but can get expensive! Marine Corps is supposed to be an awesome race. And for the deep dish, I thought Gino's was way better than Uno, but that's just MHO.

  8. I was wondering about the !!! in the's like somehow using exclamation points make it easier on you. "Sorry, you aren't in!" "Sorry, there's a tornado outside!" "Sorry, you have cancer!" But it's not that bad, I mean, look at that, there are exclamation points!!!

    I have to say, I hate deep dish pizza. But Lou Malnati's is pretty good.