Saturday, May 12, 2012

Fav Race Photo Challenge

This week's photo challenge from Mrs MagMileRunner is: We’ve seen your ugly race pictures. But I want to see your favorite race picture! And an explanation of why. It can be ugly or pretty, solo or with a friend or group … whatever reason, as long as it’s your favorite.

My favorite race photo from during a race would be the one below from the Chicago Marathon 2011. This was obviously in Chinatown- most likely around mile 22? Even though I was struggling quite a bit during this race, I somehow managed to pull it together for this shot. 

I mainly like how I look in this photo- dont mind my fanny pack! haha 

I ended up with quite a large PR (about 15 minutes) in this race despite all the set backs leading up to it, as well as the challenges faced during this race. I was just thankful to run that day.  Im still thinking I should order this photo...

- xaar


  1. This is a great photo! I love the expression on your face. It's like "yeah I'm at mile 20, but I'm still kicking ass!" Plus the background of Chinatown is great. You can't get that in just any race!

  2. Awesome picture! I love how your hair is swinging behind you - it shows your speed!

  3. That is a great photo, hopefully you purchased this one to display without the "proof" word across it, lol

  4. This photo is great. The folks in the background look like they're dying and you've got a big smile, like, "I got this." What a great photo!