Monday, May 21, 2012

Seen on my run

Last weeks mileage: 22+
Week before: 47

Yeah, pathetic. Maybe I needed a "step back" week after some good mileage weeks.

More accurately I was protesting the protestors and saving them from my anger due to all of the inconveniences imposed on us Loop residents during the NATO summit (I was mainly upset due to the protestors, security not so much because I understand the need to protect the world leaders while on American soil)

So I went for a run very early on Sunday morning with CB.

We saw a nice sunrise. And NO protestors. Apparently they don't wake up at 5:30am because they need their beauty sleep.

• we also saw 3 bunnies. 1 hopped out of the picture. The remaining 2 held their ground.

• 6 people sporting Shamrock Shuffle 2012 shirts.

• 23 Canadian geese

• 98 Snow plows blocking the road to where the NATO summit was being held. With our minimal winter, at least the plows got some use! But it was strange seeing them out on an 80+ degree day.

• An unmarked car with a card in the front window that said "First Lady." only the driver was in the car.

• A happy runner dog

• On the way home we ran through a secure zone by the Hilton (world leaders staying there) that had 82 officers and a K9 police dog on the opposite side of the street that wanted to kill and eat CB. Thank god we didn't cross the street like we usually do there.

• No cars heading north on Lake Shore Drive. Those are the plows and the field museum in the distance.

This week I'll get back into the 40-50's for mileage and focus on being healthy- also continue strengthening my core and hips so when marathon training starts in a few weeks, I'll be in a great place!

What did you see on your runs this weekend? Anything out of the ordinary?

- xaar


  1. I saw some coverage of the NATO protests, looked like it was complete chaos in Chicago. Including the 3 guys who got arrested for attempted terrorism or something?

    I can relate well to this chaos, in Oakland it seems like occupy protests were going on constantly before. I never went to Oakland, but it was all over the news it seemed like.

    I ran/walked Bay to Breakers and saw some crazy people and costumes, haha

  2. I loved your Saturday tour around Ghost Town! It's interesting to see the plows out and the streets so empty.

    I seem to be going back and forth with high/low weeks. It seems to be more my schedule than my motivation, but it's making me crazy!

    Nothing out of the ordinary for me this weekend :)

  3. I think the step back week was a good idea.

    I am glad that they have so much security in place even if its a pain for everyone. At least, you got to see some interesting things!

  4. Nice pictures! Glad the NATO closures didn't slow you down.

  5. Wow, your sunrise photo is beautiful!!!!!

    I think it's good to have some 20 something weeks. In fact, before my OC marathon, I had a LOT of 20 something weeks mixed in!!

  6. Good to hear that you weren't caught up in the NATO protests, it just looked crazy on TV!

    For Bay to Breakers, to me it seems like the number of people doing the race is down because they've really cracked down on alcohol, so the party people aren't doing the race anymore. And they have cut down on the amenities (no tshirt, no post race party, less freebies) so the serious runners like me are likely not doing the race as much. My guess is attendance goes down even further next year.

  7. Wow, that is quite an array of sights seen and heard! Gorgeous photos! And I hear you on strengthening hips and core in preparation for marathon training - I need to do that big-time, myself. Cheers to a great marathon training season coming up soon!

  8. What types of hip/core exercises are you doing? Always looking for some new ones. I have an annoying hip :)