Saturday, May 26, 2012

Soldier Field 10- Spectating Edition

SF 10

Saturday morning I ran over to soldier field to spectate the SF10. I believe this is the first time I've shown up to a race, and not participated (asides from when I "spectated" my dads races back in the day when I was too small to walk)

•I ran into Britt near the start and wished her luck. (I hope I didn't bug you if you were trying to get into the zone!)

•Due to the corrals, my plan to head south on the course was dashed. I had to back track and then head south to get to a decent photo location. (plus I wanted to run a bit)

•Saw some crazy scary thunder storms a bit north of us. And did a "rain rain stay away" dance for everyone. it must have worked :)

•After cheering for Britt (coming out of the McCormick place tunnel) I turned around to head back to soldier field.

• Stopped at water station 5, to say Hi to Maggie @ Mag Mile Runner. You've inspired me to volunteer at a race. I will make it happen this year or early next year. I have so much respect for the volunteers out on the courses and ALWAYS say thank you to them during races. :)

•I saw lightning off in the distance. But, thankfully it stayed far far away.

• Found a nice spot next to the start line and mile 9.5? To sit and take photos of the runners coming back.

•Due to the wave starts I believe the very last corral started the race AFTER the lead men flew by.

•The winners! It was a TIE.

•one of the last corrals ready to take off.

• and they're off!

•it was fun spectating the race. Especially since it was on my terms- like not because I was injured. I live close by, so I figured why not come down, take photos and cheer for the runners.

•higher ISO enables more light which enables a faster shutter speed. Took too long to remember this. Need to keep practicing photography. Especially for fast moving subjects in lower light.

Congrats to everyone who ran this morning! You are all very inspiring.

Spectating is fun and got me all psyched to start marathon training June 11. The enthusiasm also got me to register for the inaugural Chicago Women's Half in late June. If anything, it will be a supported training run since it is not my goal race.

Next up for the weekend: tracking a friend who is racing Ironman Brasil tomorrow. Boa sorte R!!

- xaar


  1. Great photos of the race! Glad your rain dance worked!

  2. Awesome photos!!! It was so nice to meet you! Volunteering is fun, but because of the early wake up call, definitely not something I can do very often.

    Hopefully we can coordinate a blogger meet-up around RnR and see each other again!

  3. This sounds like a really fun race to spectate! I love seeing races. Really gets me in to the running vibe!

  4. Awesome photos!! Thanks for coming out to spectate! I am running the womens half also!

  5. I was wondering if the runners were going to get rained on yesterday! Glad it held off! Great pics, once again!

  6. Awesome recap! It was really fun for me to read this, as someone who ran the race. I started so far back, half the race was over before I crossed the start.

    Love the photos, and thanks fot doing the "rain, rain, go away" dance. It was much appreciated! :)