Thursday, May 3, 2012

Today I'm thankful

For a beautiful sky that got me outside with CB for an early am run.

For a happy pup who is always willing to accompany me on runs.

For a beautiful city that makes running outside a joy.

For watching him running (with ears pinned back for aerodynamics) and enjoying time outside.

For a huge smile which has been the best start to my day. I'm a happy runner. :)

Happy Thursday!!

- xaar


  1. Gorgeous photos, especially the first one of the early morning sky! And what better running companion than a happy dog who will always get so much into the spirit of running with you, no matter what? Love it!

    1. Thank you! He definitely motivates me when I'm not wanting to go out :)

  2. Definitely all great reasons to be happy!

  3. You take the best photos! I am SO loving this weather and I cannot wait to hit the path again soon!

  4. That is a beautiful sky! Mine was rainy today :(

  5. That first picture is amazing!!

  6. Great pics as usual! I think I've said it before, but Chicago would be where I would live for running if I could pick anywhere else besides the bay area. The lakefront path looks awesome, and the Chicago races all sound good.

    Yea, pretty much my main interest is music and running. So you'll be seeing more posts about music festivals that I go to this summer haha. Lollapooza in Chicago does look like a lot of fun, eventually I want to go there for that.

  7. My pup looks EXACTLY like that when I run with her too...such determination to get through the run!