Friday, June 8, 2012

Almost a new decade

In one month I'll be 30. A new chapter, a new decade and a new fresh start on life begins that day in July. While Monday's are usually my "reset" day if things went awry the prior week, this 30th anniversary date of my arrival will signify the biggest reset to date.

It's easy to look at where I've been, all the goals I've accomplished and all the lessons I've learned. But, it's not so simple to accurately say where I will be in 5 years, or even one year from now and have any idea about the experiences between now and then.

As I approach the "big 3-0" I realize that I want more. More fulfilling experiences with the people I interact with, more purpose to the activities I participate in, and generally more seriousness towards everything I do. I want more of what I choose to do to have a reason behind it. Coasting through life is something I haven't done much of- but could do less of. Actively living life (to me at least) is a much better way to live.

As 30 approaches in the next few weeks, I am giddy with excitement for what this new decade and year will hold for me.

• Continuing better relationship with my WW.

• A new AG division for road races!!

• More consistency- seriousness in training- including hiring a coach to plan out the most focused 14 weeks of my running "career" since HS cross country which commences next Monday.

• Dedication to learning Portuguese so I will not need a translator (WW) when we go to Brasil.

• More quality time with my CB dog.

And while I don't have a bucket list of things to do while 30, I will make the most out of every situation, good or bad.

The one thing I do know is that the year of 30 will be the best year to date.

How do you approach birthdays? Or new decades?

- xaar


  1. Hooray for 30! I hear it's the new 20. I have one more year until 30, but i am already planning the bucket list. I would like my 30's to include much more travel than my 20's did :)

  2. Happy birthday in advance! I was terrified of turning 30, but I have to say that my 30s have been a really, really great time for me. I feel the most comfortable in my own skin as I ever have my entire life. Based on my own experience, I think it'll be a fantastic decade for you, with a lot to enjoy and a lot to look forward to. =)

  3. I was a little freaked out by turning 30 last year. I had lots of thoughts on where I was and where all I still wanted to be. It wasn't any big deal but still made me think a lot...I've decided the 30s are good though!

  4. Those are really great goals. I need more purpose in some areas of my life (work) but do need non-purpose fun time with friends too :) I usually don't think twice about what birthdays mean but maybe I should :) Maybe I will when I get to 30!

    When are you going to Brazil? Do you read Carla Runs the World? She is from Brazil, but lives in the Phillipines now.

  5. I will say that my 30's have been the best so far:) There's a certain confidence that comes with 30, and I agree with Britt - its full of possibilities!

  6. i was thrilled to turn 30 and have really enjoyed it! I'll be 31 in August and have much of your feelings.. I don't know exactly what's next, but I know I have so many amazing years left to make new choices and continue to change

    great to meet you this weekend, hope your race was at least fun, the course was great even though it seemed to be a universally tough day