Sunday, June 17, 2012

Where I keep my race medals

This week’s photo challenge: What do you do with your race medals? via Maggie @ Mag Mile Runner

My medals are housed in a lid of a shoe box which is on a shelf in my closet (close to a folder which has all of my race bibs). Honestly I dont know what to do with all of them. If i hung them all up, I think it would tear the wall down. This is a fairly heavy box.

SO What's in this box?

Cross Country ribbons from 1998 when I was in high school. 4 JV, and 1 Varsity. 

- The second place race I remember as the one I was leading the entire time and a girl came from nowhere and out kicked me in the last 200 meters. Race Fail.

- The 16th Place Varsity (orange) I remember because I needed 15th place to be All-Conference. Again, Race Fail.

5K age group awards and medals for showing up.

- (from left to right) The nitro turkey and RnR Chicago 5k I got for Showing up.
- Hot to Trot, New Years Day 5K, were 2nd AG.
- Karhu 5K was 2nd Overall.
*Im seeing a pattern of 2nd place finishes now...

Marathon Medals:

2002 NYC Marathon
2010 Nike Women's Marathon, yes that's a Tiffany Necklace :)
2011 Boston Marathon
2011 Chicago Marathon
2012 Ing Miami Marathon

Half Marathon, 10 Miler, and "novelty medals" 

Row 1 (L-R)  2003 Las Vegas Half, 2008-2010 RnR San Jose Half, 2011 Soldier Field 10 mile
Row 2- 2011 Chicago RnR, 2009 RnR Las Vegas, 2012 RnR Phoenix, 2012 RnR St. Petersburg
Row 3- 2011 13.1 Chicago, 2011 Chicago Half, 2011-2012 Chicago Spring Half, 2011 Chi-Town Half
Row 4 (All California Halfs)- 2010 Bay Breeze, 2010 Summer Breeze, 2009-2010 US Half Marathon
Row 5 (Novelty) Windy City Challenge (13.1 Chicago/ Chicago Half),
26.2 from 2 RnR Events 2009-2010, Double Down (RnR Vegas/ Phoenix),
Chi-Town Duo (RnR 5K, RnR Chicago)

I need to find something better than the box for them. 
I could tell a story about each of these medals race experiences (retro race recaps??). 
They deserve better than the box lid in my closet, but I obviously don't need want a huge shrine to them in my apartment... :)

- xaar


  1. Ahh! I love seeing all your medals! You have such an awesome collection! :) I have seen people do retro recaps! I think the one blogger I read does it on Sundays and has some cute name to go along with it :)

  2. Great group! I love that you identified them all. :o)

  3. You could get one of these medal hangers-- and then just stack them 3 or so on each hanger:

    Or you could build your own with long hooks! My mom made one for me and I LOVE it. I have it at the bottom of my stairs, so I can see them and be inspired every day when I leave my apartment.

  4. I would love the retro race recaps! You have run so many races!!

  5. That is a lot of medals and ribbons! Great stories about your high school cross country days, good times. Bummer about getting outsprinted to the line by that girl, and getting 16th place instead of 15th place.

    As for which medal I like the best, I'll probably go with the Chicago Marathon let's run together one. But they all look pretty cool.

    Yea, in cross country the highest place I ever got was 4th I think at JV league finals. I was always better at track instead of cross country, lol.

  6. Awesome on all the medals and ribbons!

    I like the cross country ribbons, bummer that you weren't able to outsprint the girl to the line! The best placing I've ever gotten is 4th in a JV race at league finals, lol.

    My favorite medal of yours is probably the Chicago Marathon lets run together one.

    I'd be curious to read a retro recap on your races, if you would write one up.

  7. I also love the idea of a retro race recap. I have a bunch of ribbons and stuff from my high school days sitting in a separate box. I just might need to go through those to see what I can remember...

  8. WOW look at all your medals! I love it!

    All my high school and jr high ribbons and medals are in a box in the basement. I labeled them all so I wouldn't forget what they were from.