Friday, June 15, 2012

TGIF Happy Friday!!

Some random thoughts about the week because I can't devote an entire post to one thing....

• As week 1 of Fox Valley marathon training comes to a close (following 2 more workouts), I feel excited and anxious for my goal of a BQ -5.

• While I managed to PR and get a 1:47 in this half after 6 weeks of solid training post hip flexor injury, I have no confidence I could pull off a similar pace per mile in the marathon. Even though I felt like I could have kept going after the race.

• I just need to remind myself that I respond well to consistency and after the next 13 weeks, I'll be stronger than ever. and not think that that 13.1 PR was on a short course...

• I love this view and can take a photo of it every time I run by. In fact, I usually do. It makes me
Happy, which I think is one of the keys for staying injury free.

• Bad runs make you appreciate the good runs more. And pinpointing what caused the "bad" gives even more confidence.

• Eating a somewhat large lunch 2 hours later than normal and then running = a really uncomfortable run. Pair that with a possible case of food poisoning and it's even worse. Lesson learned.

• That might be the only reason I'll ever say "thank god for navy pier and its bathrooms."

• Finishing a 7.66 mile workout strong when you wanted to quit at mile 3 is really a defining moment in your life as a runner.

• My Friday has been awesome so far. I found the exact Nike tank and Nike pro compression shorts at Macy's that I've had my eye on. Score! And I got to use my gift card thats been burning a hole in my wallet for almost 7 months.

• Passion fruit bubble tea from Argo puts a huge smile on my face. Always.

• This guy also puts a huge smile on my face. Can't wait for our run tonight!!

What's happy about your Friday?

What's your favorite pair of running "booty" shorts, or regular running shorts?

-I'm always on the hunt for more shorts and find I like the snug fit as opposed to regular shorts.

I have:
•Lululemon booty shorts. They are ok. I'm starting to like them less and less.

• Aspaeris Pivot shorts. Love them. Don't ride up at all, but can be hot.

• Oiselle Stride short- Love these, don't ride up, but have given me one bad case of chafing so far. I'll attribute it to user error ;)

•RRS compression shorts- so far no complaints.

• Under Armor- I absolutely hate these. They ride up and I've gotten chaffed bad a few times, even with body glide. Maybe I had gotten the wrong size? I'd give UA another shot though.

Happy weekend!!

- xaar


  1. Those Nike shorts are too cute! I love the stripes. I like compression shorts but use the longer ones. The ones I like are actually from JCPenney.

    I love all the pics! :)

  2. I go for lululemon speed shorts. i haven't liked any nike shorts i've tried on and i haven't ventured into any other brands.
    sooo...go speed shorts!

  3. I've had my eye on those shorts recently, you'll have to keep me updated how they work out. And yes, all those terrible runs make the good ones feel freeing.

  4. Those pro compression shorts look fabulous! Using up a gift card that has been lying around for awhile is the best. And that passion fruit bubble tea from Argo looks absolutely delicioso. Gorgeous pictures of the lakefront and CB, as always!

    I'm still on the hunt for a good pair of running shorts. I bought a pair of "booty" shorts from JCPenney (wonder if they are the same that Kim has), and I think I got them in the wrong size (i.e. too small). I do have a few pairs of Reebok shorts with the lining inside, and they are reasonably good. They are light and comfortable, but they do still ride up (although not as much as some of my others).

    Happy Friday to you!!!

  5. "I have no confidence I could pull off a similar pace per mile in the marathon. Even though I felt like I could have kept going after the race." ...OMG I have this feeling ALL the time when I think about running a marathon at a certain pace...but you have to be confident in your training and KNOW that you CAN do it. I always have to catch and stop myself from thinking "wow, I can't imagine doing this for 26.2 miles" because in the heat of the marathon moment, you can do it and will surprise yourself.