Friday, June 1, 2012

May by the numbers

•161 miles run in May.
(51 miles alone last week!)

• 1 possible case of anterior shin splints that ended up being "over zealous use of The Stick."

•1 fire in my apartment building that scared the bejesus out of CB and I at 2:30 am. Thankfully it was contained to the patio area.

•13.2 miles run just a couple of hours later. Groggiest sweaty run to date.

•30 minutes of "illegal frisbee" playing before we got kicked off of the beach. Best. Memorial. Day. Ever!

•3 bags of Haribo gummy bears direct from Germany. WW, is awesome and knows me the best!

•1 photo of "CB" on the Fido to Go Facebook page. We Loooove them! :)

•5k Raced post injuryresulting in my second fastest 5k ever! Still a minute off of my PR 22:18 from last year...

• 1 Shiny new half marathon PR. aka HUGE confidence booster!

•1 race Spectated. SF10

•200-300 NATO protestors as seen from my balcony.

• 1 piƱa colada from 96 stories up above Chicagoland.

What I'm looking forward to in June

• Starting 14 weeks of Marathon training!

• Staying INJURY FREE!!!

Happy weekend!

- xaar


  1. Fire in your apartment building, yeah, that would be a little scary! :) Great month, looking strong to start marathon training!

  2. Wow, 161 miles ran in May with 51 miles just last week!?!?!? That is incredible!!! You ran almost the same number of miles in one week as I run in an entire month!

    How scary to hear about the apartment fire - but so glad to hear that you and CB weren't hurt!

    Congratulations again on your Half Marathon PR!!! Cheers to a great June coming up!!!

  3. your pup is famous! seems like you're off to a great start for 2012, can't wait for your marathon training to start next week!

  4. What a great month!! Congrats again on the PR :)

  5. Woohoo! May was a good month for you! Nice mileage!

  6. Xaar - you are the winner of my giveaway for the free 5K Karhu race registration! I emailed you through the email address listed on your blogger profile, please let me know if you did not receive it. Thanks!