Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sea lions are so cool. Why I love the SF Bay Area part 3

Sunday morning L had to go to brunch with the groom and I took this as my chance to do something I would have never dreamed of while I lived in California- Stand up paddle boarding. (SUP)

I walked over to Monterey Bay Kayaks and rented a board for 2 hours. The guys in the store were knowledgable and very nice and helped me get in the proper size wetsuit, paddle, board, etx. We went over what to do about wildlife and where exactly I could paddle. Soon I was off paddling around Monterey Bay.

I expected to see sea lions, seals and otters but I wasn't expecting to see them so close. The adolescent sea lions were ridiculously playful and would follow the kayaks and jump out of the water. I was actually freaking out they would try to get on my board but luckily they kept their distance.

Why yes that's an adolescent sea lion jumping out of the water right in front of me!

It was a truly amazing experience to paddle in the Pacific Ocean and see the animals in their habitat from a perspective not many other people would ever get to witness. To feel the wind on my face, the cold Pacific Ocean on my feet, to see the sea lions playing, and the otters grooming themselves- My god it was fantastic.

After paddling for a while it was time to get ready for the wedding.

The wedding was beautiful and was a celebration of friends, family and love. I'm happy L and I were able to be apart of the special day.

I really wished this weekend didn't have to end so soon, but Monday morning we had to head back to catch our flight to Chicago.

I miss waking up to the sounds of the sea lions barking.

Friends, Mikkeller Bar, San Francisco- Part 1

Los Gatos Creek trail running, Friends, Monterey Bay, Pacific Ocean- Part 2

And these are some of the reasons I absolutely love and miss this place.

- xaar


  1. Paddle boarding looks very cool and congrats on getting the pic of the sea lion jumping out of the water while paddling! I will put that on my to-do list if I ever go there!

    1. Paddle boarding is so chill. It's as intense as you want it to be- but still is a great core workout :) I'm hooked!

  2. What a cool place for SUP! Is the ocean more or less choppy than the lake? Which is to say, did you ever fall in, or do you still have that streak going? :)

    Sea lions are so cool! I loved seeing them and elephant seals (okay, elephant seals are my favorite because they sleep most of the time, then wake up seemingly only so they can burp/fart).

    1. Overall it was a bit more choppy because of the wake from boats and the current/wind was strong heading out towards cannery row- but amazingly I never fell in and actually felt more secure on the board than in Lake Michigan. Maybe the board was a bit different? :) elephant seals totally rock too! :)

      It was fun watching the sea lions flying out of the water to try to get on the bottom of the dock... And miss and fall back into the water :)

  3. The paddle boarding looks wonderful! San Francisco is on our place to go soon...we've cancelled the trip twice but I still want to make it out there soon!

  4. You definitely need to get out west! San Francisco is so diverse and has so many cool things to do and eat. I have no doubt you'd love it there!

  5. What a cool way to experience SUP. I can't believe you were so close, that is awesome!

    Loved the dress you wore to the wedding. You looked stunning!!!

  6. Man, can you imagine if one would have jumped on your board (ha! I know you were imagining it). That would have been nutso. That is cool that they were so dang close! Gosh! I would just probably stand in place and watch them... if I didn't fall over!

    The wedding site looked SO beautiful! And you and L as well, of course ;)

    How did you get that pic of you standing up on the board from above? Did the rental place offer to take your pic? :)

  7. I cannot believe you were so close to the sea lions! I think I would have flipped out! And I've always wanted to try SUP! I bet you were awesome at it!

  8. That SUPing sounds awesome! And you two look quite nice all spiffed up for the wedding!