Monday, December 21, 2015

Week 10 of base building for races next year

I feel like I could just copy and paste the past few weeks thoughts here and call it a day. The holidays and darkness and cold make it difficult for me to stay with a consistent workout schedule blah blah blah. On the other hand, I also don't take myself so seriously that I completely alter my life around workouts, because life > gym time- But obviously I keep in mind my goalz while in the thick of training cycles because I don't do this shit purely for fun. (If I didn't find swim/bike/run/yoga whatever fun, I'd find something else to do to get my calorie burn on)

This week started out promising- I had sketched out 8 weeks of "pre marathon get my ass back into running shape" training aka 3 focused running workouts a week to add to the cycling and swimming replacing the unfocused garbage miles I had been doing. I was excited and anxious to start some speed work again, but as luck would have it, Tuesday morning I smashed my left knee into the bathtub hard. The same left knee in the same spot which got scraped and bruised when I fell on my bike a few weeks ago. Out of caution for potential injuries, I didn't run until the knee felt much better. I also had to back off on cycling intensity because I could not afford to create some long term issue. The Dead Sea salt bubble baths were quite delightful in place of the workouts though.


Monday: 18 mile cycle

Tuesday: REST & smashed my knee

Wednesday: 12 mile cycle, 3 mile run

Thursday: REST

Friday: REST

Saturday: 30 mile cycle

Sunday: 5 mile run (4x800's) 2000y swim

Total: 69 miles, 5:34
Swim: 2000 yards, 41
Bike: 60 miles, 3:51
Run:8 miles, 1:02


I went to the Chicago Christkindl market during work to pick up some last minute gifts.
I completed decorating for the holidays... A 20' pine garland from Trader Joes + 200 multi colored lights + 6 owls, night chicago bean, fox, and yarn dog = enough decorating.
CB got to see Fido to Go again this week. We stocked up on treats to get him through the holidays and in return he let us take photos of him all dressed up.
On Sunday we drove to Three Floyds. Enjoying their ramen + beers = happiness.



  1. I love your decorations! Lights are so festive!

    Silly knee! I hope it feels better this week! And I hope you find your groove soon. We'll start having more daylight on Wednesday, if that helps :)

  2. It can be tough finding our groove in the winter months! I am right there with ya! Great week regardless, and love your decorations!

  3. Watch out for those bathtubs, they can be dangerous! Glad to hear you are on the mend and your training is progressing. That soup looks delicious. I would drive out there just for that! :)

  4. So sorry to hear about the bathtub incident. Attack of the killer bathtub! I am glad you are healing well, though. YES on Dead Sea products - I have some Dead Sea lotion and hair products, and they are all amazing. How do you hear about all these terrific restaurants!?!?!? That ramen looks so delicious!