Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Week 7 of base building for races next year

After coming off a small cutback week, I was pumped to keep chugging along with training. I knew this week would be super chill due to a reduced work week + some fun events we had planned. But, as the week went on I started getting a dry cough which was not fun and started impeding workouts- plus I knew to back off a bit to not over do it and let myself recover properly.

Monday: 15 mile cycle
Tuesday: 6 mile run
Wednesday: 15 mile cycle
Thursday: 11 mile cycle
Friday: 15 mile cycle, 2 mile run
Saturday: 4 mile run, 2000 yard swim
Sunday: 8 mile cycle

Total: 77 miles, 6:27

Swim: 2000 yards, 41:55
Run: 12 miles, 1:33
Cycle: 64 miles, 4:12

Goals for this week:

Now that i've delayed writing this post for a few days, my only goal for this week is to get over the bad cold/sinus shit i've acquired. Saturday I attempted some running 400's and had to bail because it just felt like way too much effort for the pace. I did go swimming afterwards and noticed my endurance was shot. I couldn't go more than 150 yards at a time without coughing. So yeah, getting over this crud is #1 on my list- unless hot baths and coughing equates to PRs and 6 pack abs... *


Thanksgiving morning I made some cinnamon buns. Absolutely not from scratch, but delicious none the less.

Wednesday was "date night" and we went to Trenchermen. It was delicious as always. We finished the night at Violet Hour.

Saturday I went swimming. L told me that it would be good for my lungs. All was good for the most part unless I went over 100 yards at a time or if I inhaled some water. I only had one coughing fit due to a combo of water inhalation plus the sinus issue. *

The rest of the weekend was spent chillin. We went to some bars and randomly ran into some good people we know. I love how things like that just seem to happen here in Chicago.
*And at the time all I had was a dry intermittent cough. No fever, no real sickness otherwise I wouldn't have gone to the gym or pool because it's a dick move to go to public places like gyms when you're clearly sick. 



  1. Yum cinnamon buns! Oh no. Hope you get rid of your cold/sinus/cough ASAP. That sucks.

  2. Hope you feel better soon! Being sick and wanting to run/workout don't always go together very well. but I usually try!

  3. I was hoping that cinnamon buns were part of the base building. In which case, I can do an ultra next year :)