Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Week 11 of base building for races next year

Nothing new to report here- just the same old "holidays are throwing off my schedule" bullshit again. I have done some running speed sessions, and they didn't feel completely awful so there's that. I know that once the holiday food/drinking indulgence goes away, i'll be flyyyying through those intervals.

I was thinking about doing a 2015 recap, but I'm not really feeling the need to rehash the year in greater detail than this- I pr'd some 5ks and an 8k. I also ran an abysmal half marathon. The highlight(s) of my 2015 athletic year was creating the Chicago Chapter of the world famous Mikkeller Running club,  winning the inaugural Mikkeller Beer run 5k in Copenhagen, and signing up for IronMan Racine 70.3, IronMan Wisconsin 140.6 and the Carmel marathon. I also bought my sweet bike, "Mortadella" which as of today, I've ridden outside a whopping 2 times, one of which I fell over from not unclipping from the pedals successfully! Yay!

As for 2016 goals, well, there may or may not be a more detailed post about that. Currently: Finish all of the above mentioned races in one piece is #1 to me. Super exciting, I know. It's hard for me to be super jazzed about races more than 10 weeks out- even then I dont give them too much thought because it's a waste of energy.


Monday: Cycle 13 miles
Tuesday: 5 mile run- 6x400's @ 6:50 pace
Wednesday: Cycle 11 miles
Thursday: 3 mile progressive run
Friday: 4 mile run with L.
Saturday: Cycle 16 miles
Sunday: 4 mile run, 2300 y swim

Total: 57 miles for 5:43

Swim: 2300 Yards,
Bike: 40 miles
Run: 16 miles


Shots of Fireball at Northdown.
CB enjoying walks with my Daad outside.
The ride back from the pool.
Drinking a Revolution Fistmas ale in front of all the cans at the Revolution brewery, during the tour.



  1. Looking forward to hearing all about your Ironman adventures!!!! Happy New Year!

  2. Starting an actual running club that more and more people keep attending is a pretty sweet highlight! I need to make it down for one of your runs (or the beer, at least) one of these months!

  3. PRs plus starting the Mikkeller beer run in Chicago = Fantastic year! Yes, finishing all the races in one piece should always be goal #1! :)