Monday, December 14, 2015

Week 9 of base building for races next year

Another week, more base building completed. Same old same old. The theme for this week was once again reminding myself of the big picture and not getting upset at day to day stuff. I didn't hit the duration goals I had this week for workouts, but I had a week full of fun events that usually don't happen this frequently. I know that come January I'll settle back into a nice groove with my training and eating, and that's only a few weeks away. Until then, I really just need to not get upset about sleeping in (which if I do is rare and likely needed), eating out and drinking with friends because, life.

In other news, I signed up for the Carmel Marathon. I had been thinking of doing this race as a confidence builder/ capture the unicorn BQ race before IM training begins a month later, but was on the fence because my #1 goal is getting to the start of IMWI healthy. By the end of the week I was convinced it was a good idea, and L was on board so we booked the hotel and I registered. Bonus: some good friends will also be running it. Double bonus: I can transfer to the half if I have to. As luck would have it, I went for a run a few hours after registering and it was abysmal which instantly made me regret this decision. I've since come around and am now moderately excited about it.. I'm just in a funky mood lately/hate the shortened daylight/not a fan of the holidays.


Monday: 16 cycle miles

Tuesday: 3 cycle miles, 6 mile run 

Wednesday: 10 cycle miles, 3 mile run {brick}

Thursday: 15 cycle miles, with 30 sec intervals every 4 min

Friday: 3 mile run with the pup

Saturday: 5 mile run

Sunday: REST

Total: 61 miles, for 5:13
Cycle: 44 miles, 2:52
Run: 17 miles, 2:20

Goals for the week:

Swim. The cough has been lingering. Between that and the weekends events, swimming was put on hold this past week.

Running speed work. Was on hold after the bike fall. My knee and hip were feeling off during the week and I didnt want to risk it.

Continue with bike speed work stuff.

Write out a plan for the next 8 weeks to get me to the start of marathon training/ continual IM base.


The sunrise was so beautiful for a few days last week. It made me so happy to see the vibrant colors  in the morning.
Thursday I went to the Christkindl market with Vicky. We had Gluhwein and then caught up over dinner. With the temp at almost 60 degrees, it was enjoyable to be outside in Chicago.
Friday morning I took the CB dog for a run. I had been promising him for a while and we finally made it happen. He had so much fun trotting down the lakefront.

Later on in the weekend, we were in he elevator and a small kid pointed to him and asked me what he was. I said "What do you think he is?" the kid replied " He's a dog, but looks like a cat..."

Sunday evening when we returned home we opened the door and CB wasn't waiting for us. Sometimes he will come running from the bedroom, but this time we didnt hear him at all. I started thinking the worst, or where the hell was he- so we walked into our place and I saw the bathroom door was shut, so I opened it. Out flew CB.. He managed to shut himself in the bathroom, and thankfully did not destroy the door trying to get out. I have no idea how long he was in there.
After going for drinks with friends on Saturday night, we decided to wake up early Sunday and go stand in line for the Half Acre "Big Hugs" release. It was nice outside but not so fun to be standing for a few hours while hungover and still drunk. We got loads of Big Hugs and Vanilla big hugs and went to Northdown for foods.
The Northdown burger hit the spot hard (as well as that runny egg) and we were happy to chill and drink a few beers a the bar before heading home.
I'm looking forward to another good week of workouts and life stuff. 



  1. Congratulations on signing up for the Carmel Marathon! I saw the discussions on Twitter and it definitely sounds like all the cool kids are doing it. I've heard great things about the event!

    Poor CB, locking himself into the bathroom! Thank goodness you found him before any major damage occurred to him or anything else. What is up the with kid that thought CB looked like a cat? I have no idea where the kid would get an idea like that!

    Ahhh, the Christkindl market! I was there on Saturday with Adam and my mom and we were reveling in the warm temperatures. There were so many people there clearing taking advantage of the nice weather!

    1. Hehe thanks :) signing up is the 2nd most difficult aspect of marathons only to running them (for me at least). I didn't realize everyone was running it while I was contemplating signing up. I guess it was the cherry on top ;)

      I'm really happy CB didn't scratch his way out. I have no idea how he got trapped (I have a small theory actually) the Kid was probably 3 years old. So I get it and don't because kids are usually so black and white with their thoughts. But I can see CB as a cat at times haha

  2. Poor CB stuck in the bathroom! My dogs have done similar things before. Anyway, glad to hear he was okay, and I don't see a cat resemblance at all! Who is that kid? I am likely in for the Carmel Marathon. Even though it will mean missing about three of my favorite spring races (Shamrock, Ravenswood, Indy Mini) I figure it will be worth it to get another attempt at a marathon PR on a flat course.

    1. Poor guys! I know if the door opened out, he would have been able to open t and escape. I think he went behind a towel holder and accidentally shut the door. The kid was around 3 so I'll give him a pass this time or more accurately kudos for picking up on CB's cat qualities.

      Yesssss! Run Carmel! It will be a big party! I'm still likely to do Shamrock, but it stinks how one race shuffles everything around...

  3. Sorry about the sucky mood! I bet part of that is related to what you talked about in your first paragraph and not nailing your training goals right now, but like you said, your schedule should be better in January! Congrats on signing up for the marathon! I hope it's exactly what you want it to be!!!! :)