Monday, January 18, 2016

Carmel Marathon Training: Week 1

This week can be summed up in one word: productive.  I started the week once again feeling lost and fiddle farting around with training plans- nothing concrete. I had purchased a subscription to Sporttracks at the recommendation of Vicky a few weeks back but hadn't done much with it.  ST was so nice to import all of my daily mile workouts into it which enables the program to calculate fitness and fatigue so much better than had I started fresh.

On Wednesday I sat at my Mac for a few hours to put in my proposed training plan for the Carmel Marathon. Boom, done! I even put in the first 6 weeks of my IM training plan. I'm totes getting shit done and it feels good to be so much more organized.  I also love the features of Sporttracks which shows your fitness vs fatigue and also your peak performance (More on all of that another time once I fully understand it but it's super powerful software which will be amazing to track and analyze my training with).


Monday: REST (just for you Kim!)

Tuesday: 18 mile cycle

Wednesday: 5 mile run (8x400's)

Thursday: 11 mile cycle, 2 mile run

Friday: 2 mile run with CB (AM), 5 mile run (PM)

Saturday: 9 mile run (w/400,800,1200,800,800) 8 mile cycle

Sunday: 25 mile cycle

Bike: 4:08, 62 miles

Run: 3:05, 23 miles

Total: 7:13, 85 miles

I was really happy this week with my training- pretty much the first time in a while I've felt good about everything. Eating better + not drinking as much (only one whiskey neat & a pisco for brunch this week) + having consistency with training and finally making my training plan made everything feel right. I even began thinking about possible race outfits for Carmel...

I completed 2 running sped sessions this week and felt really springy which was very encouraging. The 8x400's were at 7:00 with last 2 at 6:50 pace. The ladder in the middle of my longish run also felt appropriate- 400 @ 6:50, 800 @ 7:10, 1200@ 7:20, 2x 800 @ 7:10. As I continue to build fitness and lose some lbs, I'll gently increase the intensity of these speed workouts.


Friday was CB's 11th birthday! We were fortunate that the weather was extremely mild and decided to go for a run. He was so happy to  be out on the lakefront again! I havent taken him on many walks lately because it is far too cold for us to be outside.
Post run we took some selfies. 
On Sunday I met Vicky for brunch at Little Goat and then went shopping on State street. Each time we walked outside the cold air just left me breathless.
I needed to buy some new workout gloves + gloves for when I run outside so we stopped at TJMaxx. I got some fresh workout gloves and also bought these "running gloves" from Hind. I was sold when I read "RUN FAST, RUN WARM." I hope they live up to their expectations...
Obligatory under the L shot. I love the symmetry of Chicago.
Looking forward:

  • I signed up for the F^3 half marathon for this Saturday! I needed to run long anyways + the weather looks pretty mild. Should be fun running it. It will be my 1st F^3 and I will be treating it as a training run since I will be running hard the day before.
  • Continue eating well (yay meal planning, yay) & minimal alcohol drinking.
  • Put the rest of the IM training plan into Sporttracks.
  • Increase the reps of weight training stuff I'm currently doing.


  1. Happy 11th birthday to your beautiful doggie! I need to get my training plans wrote down.. so procrastinating!!

    1. Thank you! Get it written down! You'll feel so much better once you do :)

  2. Congrats on completing week one! Glad to hear you are getting back into the swing of things, feeling more productive and getting things done. A few years back I would load my Garmin workout files into SportTracks when it was a free Windows desktop app. It had a lot more bells and whistles than Garmin Training Center. A couple of years ago, when I transitioned to Garmin Connect, I kind of left SportTracks behind. It sounds like I may need to take another look at SportTracks. Anyway, I'll see you at the F^3! :)

    1. Thanks! Figured it was time to make the marathon training official and stop calling it "base building." I did that for 13 weeks already! Oh that's interesting you used to use it. I know I've barely scratched the surface of the garmin site- it seems to have loads of useful ways to analyze data. The Sporttracks seems super powerful if you have a windows based computer because then you can download some crazy plugins for it (I can't on my Mac currently) see ya at F^3! We should find a plac to meet pre race for a photo!

    2. I would like to see the SportTracks "peak performance" thing. I am beginning to think that I hit my peak a few weeks after the marathon! This would suggest that I need to do a longer taper, so I can hit my peak on marathon race day. Maybe we can meet by the bar 20 minutes before race start for a photo?

  3. Happy Birthday to CB!!! And great job on your training! I got some new mittens that have helped tremendously with running in the colder temps, although I still don't venture out much under 20 degrees.

    1. Thank you :) what kind of mittens are they? I don't go out if it's below 30 usually- unless it's very calm. My hands just can't take the cold.

  4. I hope those gloves work! I need new ones for when it's in the single digits and below 0. I want the ones with mittens over gloves. Anyway.

    Yay for a week of feeling good and getting your plan figured out! I am happy to see that rest day. I hope most weeks include one :)