Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Carmel Marathon Training: Week 2

This week was textbook. Nothing out of the ordinary- just good solid workouts. Keeping my head down and focusing on the day by day/ week by week instead of that my races are 3, 6 and 8 months away keeps everything in perspective. (broken record again).  With 12 more weeks until Carmel, I had been trying to determine an appropriate goal time to shoot for because I'll need to adjust my speed-work and goal paced miles in my long runs accordingly (soon). After this past weekend's F^3 half, I have a much better idea of what will be realistic for Carmel and it makes me excited to finally put a number on it. "Because a goal without a plan is a wish" and wishes are a waste of time. 


Monday: 15 miles cycled

Tuesday: 15 miles cycled, intervals

Wednesday: 6 mile run- 6x400's

Thursday: 12 mile cycle, 2 mile run (brick)

Friday: 7 mile run

Saturday: 13.1 mile run- F^3 Half Marathon

Sunday: 19 mile cycle, 2300 yard swim

Total: 90.5 miles for 8:36:35

Swim: 2300 yards- 46:49
Bike: 61 miles- 4:06:44
Run: 28.1 miles- 3:43

This was one of my highest mileage/duration weeks so far and I felt really really good. The high point of the week was the F^3 half, where I got a PR <----- huge surprise to me. Adjusting to a much higher load of workouts is going surprisingly well. Although I know in the coming months, I'll be doubling the time spent on swim/bike/running.


The sunrises have been really nice again.
And also the moon rises.
My name was *almost* spelled correctly at Sbux.
CB was featured on the Goose Island instagram page this week. He got some extra treats to celebrate.
I started making Manhattans at home. They are really good. I'm happy my bar cart  is getting some action.



  1. Congrats on the solid week of workouts capped by the unexpected PR at the F^3. Not bad for a "training run". Even more impressive is that you did it during your highest mileage week-to-date. It was good you ran the F^3 because it gave you a gauge of your fitness so you can better get a handle on your goal pace for Carmel. Anyway, my uncle drinks Manhattans and he likes them dry with a "whisper" of vermouth. You just whisper the word vermouth over the glass! :)

    1. Thanks! It was a good week- and obviously hope to have many many more of them :) it's really surprising how no matter how hard I cycle, I never feel sore after. But runs can leave me with some fatigue. It was just nice to see that everything is coming together to increase my fitness for the IM- Sporttracks said I was in much better shape than earlier this year, but I didn't fully believe it until Saturday. It's nice to be able to train with purpose- a goal. I feel so much better about that. Lol at the whisper of vermouth! :)

  2. Great workouts last week. Congrats on the PR!

  3. Hey! You lied to me about a rest day!!! Or was that this week?! I am so out of it!

    Yay for a solid week!!! And that PR! I am stoked to read your race report. You totally slayed it!