Sunday, January 10, 2016

Week 13 of base building for future races

This week I felt more like myself. I was happy to get back into a more consistent, predictable schedule for work, eating and working out. Plus, the weather was fairly mild at least until Sunday so I was super happy to be able to enjoy a bit of the weekend outside. I'm trying to be positive during winter, but it is so difficult for me this time of year with the short days and extreme cold.  My hair froze on the way home from the pool on Sunday after 8 minutes outside.

Not much else going on for this week. I still go back and forth about whether deciding to complete an  Ironman was a good idea- most days I would say no- but some days like during my longish run, I felt really good and have a better attitude towards it. I'm excited to do something new instead of beating the same old dead horse of just training for marathons each year (which is what i'm still doing this year anyways, yay Carmel) but I also like the challenge of Ironman training to become a bit better than mediocre at swimming and cycling and to get out of my comfort zone for so many things related to this process.


Monday: 20 mile cycle

Tuesday: 5 mile run (4x400's @ 6:40) 

Wednesday: 10 mile cycle on the trainer (I think im tightening the roller too tight)

Thursday: 12 mile cycle

Friday: REST

Saturday: 10 mile run (OUTSIDE!) with miles 5-8 @ 'gmp' or something since I have no goal for Carmel. 

Sunday: 2000 yards in the pool, 2 mile cycle to get to/from the pool

Total: 60.13 miles for 5:55 hours

Swim: 2000 yards for 42:00

Bike: 44 miles for 3:09

Run: 15 miles for  2:03

I felt better overall for workouts this week. The 400's I took too fast and also felt crappy so I stopped at 4 instead of 6. I'm all about self preservation this year because I need to cross the IM finish line in September. So when I dont feel great in a workout, I adjust what I'm doing, but I also give myself ample time to decide if the sucky feeling is just cobwebs and rust or my body telling me to stop.


Got to hang with Vicky this weekend- went to brunch and were able to talk training and catch up which was nice. I actually planned out the next week of training for myself which is a step in the right direction for consistency in this journey.
After over indulging in alcohol and foods during the past few weeks, I started meal planning. I got the book "Racing Weight" and the corresponding cookbook and have been trying recipes and reading about how to properly fuel while training for endurance events. After 1 week I feel so much better.
I bought the Garmin 920xt this weekend. It's pretty fancy- with the ability to track swim/bike/running and analyze workouts and receive notifications from my phone. Ive used it 2x now- for my 10 miler and my pool workout, and it is the coolest thing ever. I cant wait to learn more about it and put all of its features to good use.
I went into Saturday dreading my long run. The plan was 8 miles, and I was super anxious. All of my runs for the past month for the most part have felt really shitty. I was expecting no less for this run, but I fell into a nice groove and it just felt good to be cruising the lakefront again. I decided at mile 5 to take a few miles at my old goal marathon pace, so off I went. The first mile was tough and I had to keep checking the garmin to make sure I was on pace because my internal calibration is off from not running much. But the last 3 miles felt much better and made me feel encouraged.
Miles 5-8: 7:51, 8:01, 7:44, 7:48. 

I guess all the cycling, half assed swimming and strength stuff I do is helping me stay in decent running shape. My only con to this run was getting a quarter sized blister near the arch of my foot- which was either from stepping in a huge puddle, or just because I haven't run that far in a long time or more likely both... Other than that, this run was textbook for me. I didnt bring water with me or take any foods during it and felt great- if it wasn't for the blister I likely would have run another mile or 2.
I wrapped up Sunday by prepping my food for next week and snuggling with the birthday boy- CB turns 11 on friday! He is getting a blanket jacket tomorrow because he gets so cold and will get birthday tacos or a nice piece of chicken on Friday. 11 years. A third of my life. I just can't wrap my mind around it. I love him so much.




  1. Can't go wrong with tacos :) great week, gal!

    1. He agrees. Tacos are #1 in his book. Thank you :)

  2. Good week! I am happy to see a rest day!

    I am surprised you say no GMP... I thought you had a goal? ;)

    Yay for getting this week planned out!

    Check out the fun watch faces you can add to the Garmin 920xt on the app on your phone. It does a lot of fun stuff! (I still like Glympse for tracking though - the Garmin seems a bit delayed)

    Get out of that funk with Ironman! You don't want to get to the starting line wondering why you are there. You are there to challenge yourself and to have a new experience!

  3. Great job on your training, and happiest of birthdays to CB.

  4. Happy birthday to CB!!!

    I remember Pete mentioning good things about that book Racing Weight. Glad to hear it's already been helpful for you! Can you share more thoughts on it at some point, please?

    Oooooh, look at that snazzy new Garmin! You must be super excited to take it for some test drives.

    YAY that your long run ended up being good! I have a mental block right now with running so I can totally relate to that feeling of dread! I think it'll just keep getting easier for you now that you are back over that hump. =)

    1. CB says thank you for the birthday wishes:)

      I'll definitely share more about the book as I read it. Currently I've been skimming here and there but plan to sit down soon and knock out a few chapters.

      I think just getting out there is helping cure my anxiety over runs. I still have a lot of anxiety about speed work- for no good reason. Still working on that too.

  5. Nice fast finish to your eight miler! Sorry to hear about the blister, I hope it has healed. Since I knew/know almost nothing about endurance nutrition, I read "Racing Weight" with great interest. I should probably pick up the cookbook as well. My main takeaway from the book was to incorporate more foods in my diet that lean people tend to eat. If I do that and eliminate desserts a few days a week, I find that I have more energy and am keeping (most of) the excess weight off. When my next marathon gets closer, I will buckle down even more so I can get as close as possible to my ideal racing weight (still about 8 pounds away). Sweet 920xt! I wonder about getting text notifications on my watch, would that divert my focus? I guess I could turn it off during races! Happy Birthday to CB - he still looks like a puppy!