Friday, January 15, 2016

Happy 11th Birthday, CB

11 years old. I remember the day I walked into the Greenville Humane Society and saw 10 week old "Rusty" all sleepy from surgery with his big blue eyes in the puppy room. I knew he had to come home with me instantly and that we would be perfect for each other.
I'm sure I post this pic each year- It was from the day I brought him home from the shelter. I cant remember him being that small, he grew up waaay too fast!
We had a lot of fun this year- he made some friends at the local dog park.
We took loads of selfies.
We played in a blizzard.
He ate his foot.
He tolerates us dressing him up for photos.
And pretty much looks the same now at 11 years old as he did when he was a goofy little puppy.
He was not a fan of my beer making, except when he got biscuits made from spent grain.
He loves his porkey.
He really loves his daddy.
He looks really cool in sunglasses.
And he enjoys sunrise runs.
He is definitely Daddy's bear.
He just tolerates me. Im convinced he used me to get to L.
He also made it on to one of Fido to Go's trading cards!
He even got a winter jacket because he gets cold. Now he sleeps through the night without coughing.

I love this little guy everything.


  1. What a busy year for CB! I hope 12 is even better for you both! :)

  2. Aww! CB is such a stud :) Happy birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday Ham, from Pa'ad V y your cousin Bella !

  4. Happy Birthday CB! That is so cool he's on a Fido card!!! FAMOUS! :)