Sunday, December 31, 2017

Boston Marathon 2018 Training {Week 3}

Week 3!

Weekly Miles

Running: 45 miles, 6:17:05
Cycling: 21.57 miles, 1:50:28

Total Miles for this cycle
Running: 120 miles, 17:03 hours
Cycling: 44.59 miles, 3:40 hours


This week went as planned. I nailed all of my workouts despite being a single dog Mom for a good portion of the week. I was #soblessed my boys behaved so I could get my workouts done. I was apprehensive about my speed sesh after eating/drinking/indulging for Christmas and I was nervous about the 6 mile tempo I had on deck for Thursday. Luckily, everything went fairly smooth.


Being a single dog mom for most of the week wasn’t fun. Ze doesn’t like to poop in the snow, and was revenge peeing in his crate again. But the real low light was the extreme cold temps we are experiencing in Chicago. I can’t run outside when it’s below 20 degrees and no wind.

Tuesday Uniform selfie post 8x643m


Waking up early enough to register for my March half!

I had 8x 600m on deck for Tuesday and I changed them to 8x.4 mile(643 meters) because complicated math on the treadmill at 4:30am was no bueno. I slayed all of my 643meter repeats at 6:18 pace.

The other highlight was the tempo 6 on Thursday. I was honestly prepared to break it from tempo 6 to long intervals of some sort- like 4x10 min, mile repeats or something. I usually need a mental break when running hard for extended time on the tread. But Thursday was full of rainbow crapping unicorns and I glided through 6 miles at 7:15 pace. Like whoa! It also showed me that I’m still in good shape post PR half, and that I shouldn’t doubt myself (a recurring theme).


Week 3 solidified that my goal of 3:1x is more attainable than some rando number daydream picked out of the air. I chose the goal to challenge myself, but at the same time I wanted something that could be a possibility. Over the next 15 weeks I’ll do everything possible to ensure I smash this goal.

Looking Forward

Stop the self doubt.
Write down some 2018 goals.
Continue to smash my workouts
Step up the weight training

106 Days To go!


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  1. THOSE TEMPO MILES THOUGH! I need the praising hands emoji, lol.

    I am glad you got in for your half and are feeling more confident! Really, do stop with the self doubt!

    I like cold weather but I REALLY hope this bs single digit or negative temps with stupid high wind speeds goes away asap. And the snow, so Ze will #2 outside ;)