Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Boston Marathon Training 2018 {Week 2}

Week 2!

Weekly Miles
40 miles, 5:40 Running
10 miles, 00:50:00 Cycling

Total Miles for this cycle
75 miles, 10:46:00 Running
23 miles, 01:50:00 Cycling

Nothing to do with this post, except that I really enjoyed the sunrises last week.


Another solid week of training- although the intensity and duration of workouts will only pick up from here, I feel good about training and balance with non running life so far.

It’s not a training week without some drama. During my speed sesh on Tuesday, my hair band snapped after the 3rd 400. I considered quitting, but since Shalane wouldn’t quit over something so petty, I tied my hair band back together and slayed the remaining 400’s like a boss.

The lowest low light was waking up Wednesday morning at 1am to find Ze had a blow out in his crate. Being a dog mom is rough sometimes. I cleaned up the mess, went back to bed and woke up a few hours later to cycle. No excuses ever.


I did 12x400’s @ 1:35- And felt amazing! Since I’m going after an aggressive marathon goal, I was moderately concerned that the speedwork would be too fast- but that wasn’t the case. I’m pumped to continue pushing myself.

Another highlight is when you and your SO buy each other the same exact thing for Christmas.


I ran with Ze for the first time ever. We went up to the Chicago Christmas tree. He did amazing, but we won’t run too much until he turns one in April because his bones are still developing. I’m really looking forward to taking him for a few runs a week not only to burn off his endless border collie energy, but also so L won’t have to dog sit 2 high energy pups. It’s all about balance. I need to figure out how to log all of his runs- because as he gets older I think he would appreciate those stats.

Looking Forward

I need to continue to remember my intentions for this training cycle and be sure to include loads of self care and me time so I don’t burn out.

In reality, I need to add some yoga into my week, and be better about my half assed PT exercises.

I’ve indulged a lot with food and drink, and need to start dialing back a bit. It makes getting up at 4am to run much easier when I haven’t stuffed myself or had a drink the day(s) before.

112 days to go!



  1. Love the snapped hairband story, way to crush those 400s like Shalane would've! Sorry to hear about Ze's crate incident (yuck!), but glad you are starting run with him. My runs with the pups are more run/walks, but they still count towards my weekly mileage! :)

    1. What I’ve learned from this is that I shouldn’t readjust my pony tail unless necessary- and have a backup :) We are still trying to crack the nut that is Ze- he gets sick because he eats non edibles... so we have a laundry list of stuff that can’t be left with him unsupervised. He also doesn’t like pooping on snow :( I bet your little guys are good sprinters!

  2. I am still impressed by those 400s! You were flying! No wonder your hairband snapped. LOL!

    Oh Ze. I hope he gets better and better about his accidents. I am excited that you will get to run with him more next year!

  3. I kept thinking about your hairband incident while I was at the gym yesterday, because my hairband was annoying me. But your cautionary tale told me to just let it be. Thanks for being so #inspirational and sharing your experiences! You should spend some me time buying new, better, more expensive headbands.

    Awww that's fun that Ze got out for his first run! Maybe you could organize his stats for him on dailymile or something like that.

  4. Great job on those 400s!!! Those are tough. I remember the first time I did those, I was TIRED and hungry. :-)