Monday, December 11, 2017

Boston Marathon training {Week 0}

Today starts Boston Marathon training for me! I’ve been super excited for this day since I qualified again at the Copenhagen Marathon in May. I’m even more excited because I’m fresh off the heels of a breakthrough half marathon PR.

On Training

I guess I should set intentions for this new season of marathon training since that’s what social media tells me I need to do. Lolz.

I’ll be following the Hanson marathon advanced plan again. I’ll likely add some Goal Marathon pace miles into my long runs too. I’ll also be adding cycling (and swimming eventually) in each week because I’ve got another big goal post Boston- a Triathlon!

I’ll up my strength training- Mondays and Wednesdays are usually arm/core days, Tuesday’s and Thursday’s post speed/tempo are leg days. Trashing my legs after hard workouts made my half PR achievable.

Tuesday Uniform FTW. Only worn for speed work

On Goals

It was surprisingly difficult to determine a time goal to train for. Sure- I put my recent half time into a running calculator online and it said I could run a 3:20- but that is at my current fitness level. I plan on being fitter 4.5 months from now- and 3:20 didn’t excite me much. (Current PR 3:28) I looked at training paces for something more aggressive and decided on a 3:1x. Yes, Ambiguous to everyone but me since I know what that “x” represents. Some things I need to keep to myself.

Ideally I’d like to set some new PRs in 2018, but with marathon and eventually triathlon training, I know I won’t be as prepared to PR a 5k because, long distance training. Dropping my half time further would be doable. Getting closer to breaking 1:30 is top of my list for a half this spring.

On Mindset

Social media tells me I need motivation and inspiration to run. What a load of bull shit. If I only ran when I was “inspired” or “motivated” I’d run half of what I do now. I run because I genuinely enjoy it. And on the days I’d rather sit on the couch, I think about my goals and how important they are for me and then I go run. Chasing goals and enjoying running is internal for me. External stuff like motivation or inspiration set you up for extreme failure.

Other stuff

I was at my lowest race weight for the half and it paid off. For this cycle I need to lose 10lbs (from my fluffy weight this morning), and would like to cut about 4-5% body fat. The whole “you can’t out exercise a bad diet” is 100% true. I don’t eat bad food- no junk food here, but I eat too much food (gotten better about bingeing on food) and can cut back on beer. I’m not as concerned now- 6 weeks pre Boston I’ll start dialing in my food intake more.

The end of this rambling post

I’m so excited to train for Boston again! I really wanted a second go since last year’s race was an inferno. It’s also nice having something to look forward to during the Chicago winter.

126 days to go!

Race schedule :

•F^3 half- pending weather

•Potential half in a tropical location

•March Madness half- if I remember to register on 12/31

•Shamrock shuffle 8k

•Boston Marathon



  1. I LOL'd so hard at setting intentions for this new season of... marathon training :D

    I'm excited for you to start training again! I don't need inspiration to run either, but I have to say seeing you crush your goals because of all the hard work and discipline you put in last year IS inspiring and does make me think about how hard I want to work on my goals. I've got a goal HM at the end of April so we're basically training together :)

    1. Cmon! You need to set intentions for your half marathon season! :)

      Aww thanks- I really enjoy and get pumped up when I see people doing great things and working towards their goals too :) inspiring I guess I could call it that. I also just really appreciate the hard work they put into their goal whatever it is. I’m excited to follow your training too :) training twinsies!

    2. I definitely will, if only for something to post about ;) I'm doing a 12 week cycle, so I still have a little time to reflect on my intentions.

      Also, I'm curious how your training will change now that you're a #dogmomoftwo :)

    3. It’s fun to write especially when you already have a topic :) I like looking back on training posts to see what I did well or where I effed up.

      Omg yes! I’ll have to seek out other dog moms for advice. Maybe you can be my first guest post about balancing training as a dog Mom? We are in this together!!

    4. I like looking back on that stuff too - that's why I write in such excruciating detail :)

      I'd love to guest post on how to "have it all" with being a dog mom and training. I think it's totally possible ;)

  2. Thanks for posting this even though it might be considered inspirational. My main marathon each year is Big Sur at the end of April. Although I've run 10 marathons, it will be Hanson's beginner plan for me as I am getting older and work demands will compete with training. Beer, although always important to me, will need to tone down this winter. My training begins on Christmas Day. I will be in Chicago and this year, somehow I am going to get you a couple of beers from the PNW. Thanks for getting me excited about the 2018 running year.

    1. You’re very welcome :) I’m just poking fun at some of the accounts I come across on social media they are sooverly dramatic about motivation and not being able to run. It’s like cmon, just do something that makes you happy if running isn’t it..

      Big Sur looks amazing- I’m very excited for you! It is high up on my bucket list. Please let us know when you’ll be in Chicago- we would love to grab some beers with you.

  3. I am excited for you! Looking forward to follow along in your journey.

    1. Thanks lady! And I’m enjoying your posts about your IL marathon too! Spring marathons FTW!

  4. "I run because I genuinely enjoy it." I totally agree. I don't need to review a blogger's top 10 list of how to get motivated to run because it's what I want to do, pretty much all of the time! Anyway, looking forward to tracking your progress. The Boston course better watch out because you'll be slaying it on 4/16! :)

    1. I’m glad I’m not alone with this- it certainly seems we are in the minority’s though. I hope to not disappoint on this Boston journey :)

  5. Yay! I am excited to follow your training!!! Especially since all our fave ladies are running Boston too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Good luck!! I'm signed up for the F3 Half but I've dialed back my milage because my knee is feeling tender again so I may end up doing the 5K ...