Monday, December 18, 2017

Boston Marathon Training 2018 {Week 1}

Week 1

Weekly Miles:

Run: 35
Cycle: 13.02

Total Miles for this cycle
Run: 35
Cycle: 13.02


I was/am excited to start training for Boston again. I love having something to look forward to during the shitty Chicago winter. I’m also excited to chase goals and put the work in because I could never write a blog post about how I was disappointed with not getting a PR in a race - after not training for it. That would just be shameful. Smh.


Nothing I can think of- I wake up early and put the miles in. I wish I had a better story for blog fodder- like someone telling me I’m not a real runner, or some other drama to over come which seems disproportionate to runners on social media- but alas, everything was good this week.


I ran 8 miles around Milwaukee after a exceptionally fun Saturday filled with walking, beer drinking, cocktails, duck pin bowling and food.


It’s tough balancing being a double dog Mom and training for a marathon, but I’m #soblessed my husband can dog sit while I go run. In all seriousness, I’m pumped to start some speedwork next week and push myself.

Dog Mom Gift Guide

Since affiliate link gift guides ( nearly all of which have sponsored content- lame!) are all the rage, I decided to come up with my own gift guide for dog moms, free of any affiliate links or sponsored content. Since there is NO sponsored content, all opinions are truly my own.

1. A weekend trip away from the dogs

Board the dogs and take the dog Mom on a well deserved vacation even if it’s just for overnight. The break from taking the dog out in sub freezing temps will be appreciated.

2. Drinks with friends

Take the tired, stressed out dog Mom for some much needed cocktails. She will thank you 1000 times over for a night out to forget about the fur kids.

3. Food and me time

A dog mom’s work is never done- especially with an asshole puppy who hoards and hides poop at school. Take the dog Mom out for food so she doesn’t have to cook. Encourage her to take as much “me time” as possible. Just lay on the couch and do nothing! Veg out and forget about chores and day to day life- you need all the rest you can get! Even better, go do something fun like duck pin bowling.

I’ll have to come up with a bucket list for dog moms and their pups too.

Onto week 2 of training!

120 days to go!



  1. This is the most amazing blog post EVER. <3 <3 <3

    It's so nice of L to babysit the fur kiddos while you chase your goals (since, like, watching them isn't already his job sometimes or anything). T does the same for me while I go for runs, but what else would a stay-at-home dog dad be doing? Sometimes I fall into the trap of comparing myself to him in terms of dog parenthood. I just don't know if I'm good enough. Oh sorry, didn't mean to make my comment all about me.

    Training is always a good thing to look forward to during our crappy winters! I used to absolutely hate winter, but running has made me enjoy it a lot more.

    1. Lol thanks :) I am so appreciative to have a supportive tribe of like minded dog moms I can go to. It’s wonderful T is on the same page and recognizes that you need time to yourself away from him and H- andthat he is ok sitting for you.

      Running and spring races definitely help get through the winter here and beer.

  2. What is duck pin bowling?! I have never heard of it!

    I am glad you had a good first week of training! And that you have the help you need so you can get out there and do that training ;) LOL

  3. My dog mom wish list includes someone to walk the fur kid on really cold mornings when I don't want to get out of bed.
    I'm looking forward to hearing more about your training!

    1. If someone could take the fur kids out during the bitter cold spells, it would be amazing! I’m no fan of going out at 9:30 after I’m ready for bed and all cozy and warm. :) they are lucky they are so cute!

  4. Hopefully this winter isn't too bad when it comes to running outside.

    I'll go have drinks with you! I am on winter break for 2 weeks.