Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Boston Marathon Training 2018 {Week 5}

Week 5!

Weekly Miles

Running: 50 miles, 7:09:28
Cycling: 26 miles, 2:06:12

Total Miles for this cycle
Running: 217.73 miles, 30:59 hours
Cycling: 113.11 miles, 9:01 hours

All of my outdoor runs/rides visualized. Via Sisu


Planning the 13th birthday for my precious first dog, CB occupied most of my time this week. I scoured Pinterest for “original” ideas that I see replicated way too much on social that would make for good instagram content.

This was my first 50 Mile week of the cycle- I’m sure it’s the earliest I’ve hit that arbitrary milestone. (I usually top out around 50 miles).


The cold. The black ice. I don’t need coffee when there’s black ice. Taking my wild child, Ze pequeno (anyone get that reference? bueller?) out when it’s slick is no bueno. I initially thought tendonosis was retuning in my right ankle, but remembered I slipped but luckily didn’t fall a few times last week and likely tweaked something.

Tuesday Uniform FTW!


Crossing off my first New Year resolution to bring my trainers on speed sesh days. I don’t like wearing my flats for warmup/cool down. Achievement unlocked!

5x 1K @ 6:18/Mile went smooth unlike the 6 tempo miles at 7:15 pace which felt extra labored and hot compared to the week before.

CPH Marathon love

Solidifying our trips through May. It feels great to have a few things out side of work and running to look forward to. I can’t wait to see family and friends again!

Ordering the swag for our run club’s 3rd anniversary was also a high point of the week.


Another solid week where I just put my head down and got the work down vs the cliche of complaining and being dramatic ala social media. I’m seeing good fitness gains and am excited for the remaining 2/3 of this cycle.

My coaches are tough. Right after this pic was taken, they fought over my training plan.

Looking Forward

I need to eat less, better, and drink less beer. It’s starting to impact my training a little which makes me irrationally upset. (Not so irrational when you have goalzzzz) However, with all that being said, I wouldn’t trade the memories for anything. We had a bottle share on Saturday with my run club and it was awesome to chill with fab people and drink good beer.

MRC Chicago bottle share. Best run club ever!

Also, yoga and more hot baths.

Days to go: 90! 🦄



  1. Damn, solid mileage this week! Here I am all excited that I'm going to break 15 miles in week 3 LOLZ. I love following your training because you're so dedicated and focused. Last week I had to fit my run in at 6am one day and thought of you (in part because of the sauna-like conditions in the gym, but mostly because you get it done before the sun is out all the time).

    Your coaches look intense. I wouldn't want to have to explain a bad or missed workout to them.

    Hot baths are a great social media opportunity - great goal! Just make sure you have a fresh new pedicure to show off (because who doesn't want to spend money on that in the dead of winter?)

    1. Thanks lady! 15 miles is great! We are all just at different points... when I started running again in 2006, I’d run half marathons on like 10 miles a week and not follow any plan. It was painful.

      If I don’t run before work, I won’t run at all. Lolz. And Zé wakes me up at 4am every day. So that’s super awesome.

      Yassss hot baths are the perfect IG content especially with ratty ass bear claw feet to show off!

      My coaches are surprisingly not too concerned with my training but more with each other. They sometimes play nice and other times it’s intense.

  2. I hope it is just that you twisted your ankle and not that pesky tendinitis! Blah, it's been so nasty outside this year!

    What did you end up ordering for the club?! And you have to tell me about the trips! :)

  3. Wow I can't believe CB is going to be 13! How far does he run with you still? Cola turned 7 this year and seems to slow down a bit after two hours now.