Friday, January 12, 2018

#goalz Parte um: Recita Ediçao

For those of you who aren’t Portuguese literate it reads: #goalz 2018 Part 1: Recipe Edition.

For the first part of my published #goalz I’ll talk food. I love cooking- especially very complex recipes. It’s relaxing for me and I also love learning new techniques and flavor combos. When 2018 was knocking on my door I answered with a goal that was half heartedly started in 2017- in 2018 I will cook 52 new to me recipes.

I only do “SMART” goals because how could I properly measure an intention to cook more in a season of recipe making? If you don’t set a specific goal how can you measure success? Coasting through life not holding myself accountable sounds like such a crappy way to live imo.

With being a full time working double dog Mom, I tend to make the same stuff each week, because it’s easy. (And delicious! Hello salad and chicken burgers!) Variety is good too, actually better- and I love the challenge of cooking. I’ve since mastered making French style omelets. Chef Ludo would be so proud of me!

I’ve unintentionally turned intentionally started buying cookbooks from places I visit, and from chefs I admire. As I looked at the stack of books collecting dead bugs and dust, I was bummed a little that I tend to make the same stuff out of them. That’s how #goalz 2018 food edition was born. As of today- 12.1.18 I’m 4 recipes down!

First recipe was Paprika Egg noodles from F*ck That’s Delicious. It was super easy and not surprisingly, delicious.

2nd recipe was Moroccan Salad with cauliflower cous cous from Run Fast, Eat Slow. It was really good for lunch this week.

3rd recipe was millet pizza also from Run Fast, Eat Slow. They held together better than I had read about online.

4th recipe and my fav so far was the mushroom soup with chicken meatballs from The Nordic Kitchen by Claus Meyer.

I saw on the news yesterday that one of the top “resolutions” of 2018 is to cook more at home- mainly because of saving money. I would have to say that this recipe challenge I’ve decided to take on is making me spend a bit more money than had I gone with cooking the same stuff I usually do. I already need a larger food processor. Smh.

48 more recipes to go!



  1. You forgot to mention that this goal is FAT! Because it totally is! Congratulations on entering a new season of cooking! This should probably be documented with a totally not staged family photo shoot in your kitchen.

    I need to pick back up with my cookbooks once we move again, as all but the 3 I use the most (plus one we got as a Christmas gift this year) are packed away in a box in the basement. T and I have done this goal together, as he's pored over all of my many cookbooks and picked the recipes that look the best, and I've made them (he babysits Heidi while I do so), which is a good system for us.

  2. Haha. You and Anne. <3 I really like this goal. You've inspired me (influencer) to do the same or similar! Let's see if I follow through :) I tend to make the same stuff all the time as well!

  3. I am not surprised to hear that this is actually costing you more than normal - the Shalane book has some somewhat unusual ingredients in it, right? But! It's fun to try new things! Good for you for picking out all these new recipes this year - the first few look really good!