Monday, January 22, 2018

Boston marathon Training 2018 {Week 6}

Week 6!

Weekly Miles

Running: 52 miles, 7:20:25 hours
Cycling: 12 miles, 1:00 hours
Stairs: 19 floors, 3:26 minutes

Total Miles for this cycle
Running: 267.72 miles, 38:19 hours
Cycling: 125.12 miles, 10:02 hours


This week was tough- I was a single boy dog Mom of 2 for most of the week. Coordinating their schedules for school and outside along with my work was a challenge. But rest assured, we all survived to live another day.

Due to being so omg busy, I only took one or 2 hot baths. When you’re so dedicated to taking care of your rowdy boy dogs, you lose track of time and forget to properly schedule enough “me time” for yourself.

I’m now a third done with training! It seems to be going by quickly and my mind is staying engaged vs lamenting I still have 12 weeks of training left. This is a contrast to my base building then 10 week dedicated marathon plans I used to do- because anything more than that was too mentally exhausting to train for. I believe that the reason I’m enjoying another 18 week Cycle is because I’m so busy in life. I thrive on the fine line of being busy without pushing too much. Previously I wasn’t filling my time properly and had too much downtime which doesn’t keep me engaged as much.


Not getting dinner reservations for Noma. Complete first world problem, and I wasn’t upset to not spend $$$ on dinner because I have had other significant costs come up recently. There are plenty of other amazing restaurants in CPH to enjoy. Noma would have been a YOLO moment.

The 7 tempo miles sucked. I felt hot and tired.


Just like running through sand at the beach, except occasionally slippery.

4x1200’s At 6:18/Mile felt great. Tuesday Uniform FTW as always. Thanks Kim!

I also took my first complete rest day in 6 weeks. I typically cycle easy on Wednesdays instead of taking off- I feel better by keeping moving instead of doing nothing. I took a hot salt bath that night so it still counts as “No Days Off” for me because it was about taking care of myself and not just being lazy.

Our first 3rd Saturday run raised $150 for an animal shelter!!

My long run was great too! I ran outside! I ran 16 miles on Saturday- 11 (with 4 around 7:35) to Half Acre, 3+ with MRC for our first 3rd Saturday run and a few extra taking and picking up Ze from school.

I’m also keeping up with my #goalz2018 of 52 new to me recipes in 2018. 8 down, 44 to go! Check out my #Goalz2018 page.


I am continually excited about training. I’d like to run outside more, but 4am runs outside don’t work for me. I’m happy that my indoor workouts translate to outside without problem. Plus, running inside in my stuffy 70 degree gym will prepare me for race day much better than had I been enjoying 30’s all this time. Heat training FTW!

We celebrated CB’s 13th birthday on Monday with a Stans donut. He is so wonderful.

Looking Forward

I’ll be adding hills/stairs into my workouts- only post speed/tempo and long runs because I’ll be participating in the Hustle up the Hancock. Hill training is also required for Boston so this crazy stair race fits well into my schedule.

Days to go: 84!!! 🦄



  1. Another nice week! Running on the treadmill isn't my favorite but the dark + snow/ice + low-lit areas doesn't really work for running outside! The heat training sure doesn't hurt ;)
    I'm interested to see how you will keep adding the stairs to your workouts for the Hustle race!

    1. Thank you! I’m just super risk adverse and don’t want to get injured with something I could have prevented- like running in crap conditions.

      I’ll keep posting about the hustle training- I have no plan except to just add 20 flights of stairs a few times a week and then gradually increase that each week. It will be a struggle but fun? Hahaha

  2. Yay, Tuesday uniform!!!! You're welcome!

    I know what you mean about that balance between training and doing other stuff too. I like downtime (A LOT) but yes, need to be engaged!!!

    I hope you have time for MOAR hot baths this week!!!!!

    You are killing it with the recipes!

  3. Sorry to hear about not getting reservations at Noma. Maybe next year? Anyway, way to crush this week and throw in a rest day to boot. You are doing so well. Already one third of the way there? Wow, time is flying by.

    1. Hahaha maybe. I put my name on the waitlist, so there still might be hope- but for the cost(and while I’m sure it’s amazing) I can do other things. I was shocked at how fast it did sell out- like 45 seconds.

      Thanks! I’m punped for April- and for the races I’ve got this year. It’s fun when things are going well :)

  4. Doing awesome! Glad you survived solo parenting as a SAHDM. It could have been...wait for it...ruff.

    1. Thank you lady! I wish I was a sahdm! Instead I’m 50 hours per week working dog Mom of 2 (which is probs easier to deal with the pups) lol

      Ruff. Hahahahahahahha

  5. Oh man, you really need to do better at scheduling lots of me time, ESPECIALLY when you're a SAHDM. Erin's right, it can be ruff. Would it be helpful if I wrote an excruciatingly long post about my calendaring system?

    It's awesome that you're so engaged in your training and even feel like it's going by quickly!

    1. I’d love to hear how you don’t make a “schedule” but instead make a list of things with times that you need to get done.

      I think being a sahdm would be tougher because these guys are too needy. Momma needs a break from the ruff life!

    2. The list is organized by season of life, and to be honest is just a lot of baths and manicures for me and chores for T.