Monday, March 5, 2018

Boston Marathon Training 2018 {Week 12}

Week 12!

Contrast that to last February’s 165 running miles and 130 cycling miles.

Weekly Miles

Running: 65.01 miles, 09:10:20 hours
Cycling: 0 miles, 0 hours
Yoga/stairs: 00:31:00

Total Miles for this cycle
Running: 605:43 miles, 85:44hours
Cycling: 186.63 miles, 14:42 hours
Yoga/stairs: 03:36:00 hours


Another solid week ✅ another weekly mileage PR! And I feel really good.

I decided to swap my weekend long runs with next weeks long runs- so instead of 10 Saturday, 10 Sunday, I did 10+ Saturday (16 total with long run + MRC + drop/pickup Zé at school) and 16 Sunday. Whoa. Saturday added up quick. I didn’t want to have to do 2 hour long run while on vacation. My only concern for training on vacation is not getting enough fluids/electrolytes - I’ll have to remember to pack my handheld and salt tabs.


Feeling crappy towards the end of the week. Luckily I don’t think I’m sick. But my back was super achy (probably from washing Ze) and my quads were destroyed when I woke up on Thursday which made for a fun 9 miles at goal pace. Yay DOMs from the stair climb?

I was also a single boy dog Mom of 2 for the first part of the week- it was very challenging to maintain their schedules and mine- I’m so blessed my husband helps out with the pups when he’s here. But those 3 days were quite difficult. It will be great running with Ze post Boston so I can wear him out and be more efficient in the mornings too.

Dog Mom status unlocked. Border collie umbrella


4x 1.5 miles at 6:58 on Tuesday. (Tuesday uniform FTW! I went into the workout thinking I’d have to amend it to shorter intervals, but once I got going I felt great. I need to stop thinking worst case scenario with these hard workouts. I’ve also switched from my flats to my marathon shoes for the strength workouts and that has made a difference with my calf. The flats have a lower heel toe drop and put extra stress on my calf where the marathon shoes have a few extra mm.

Our run club also had our March run which was super fun! Such a great group of people!

Sunday’s Run was also noteworthy- I ran 10 easy inside and planned to do the last 6 as 8x3min hard, 2 min recovery (also on the tread) but forgot to bring my marathon shoes to change into for the fast miles. I decided to finish the run outside and nailed it. My goal was 8x3 at marathon pace, 2 min recovery, but even with the head wind I started going faster and faster each interval. The first 2 intervals were the most labored and the rest seemed to get easier and easier despite the quickening of the pace.


I found it interesting people thought me running 10 miles before the stair climb (and 5 after) was crazy or impressive. I was just all “Boston training doesn’t stop for stair climbs.” I’m giving this cycle my all- and want to get to Hopkinton healthy and ready to run a 3:10. (No X this time). I am doing everything I possibly can so I can achieve this massive goal. (Current PR 3:28, Carmel Marathon 2016) It’s audacious and crazy and exciting. I know Boston isn’t conducive to PRs given the nature of the course, hillz, late start, course crowding, weather- but on a perfect day with solid training, anything is possible. Still, running 26.2 at 7:15 pace is daunting and still seems out of reach- but I felt the same exact way before Naperville where I crushed my half PR with a 1:35- 7:15 a mile.

My new Boston scarf!

Looking Forward

Vacation! Yay! I’m excited to run in a warmer climate without all the layers! I’m more excited to see family and friends and eat and drink some delicious stuff. (Cuban Food FTW!) I might even swim laps for the first time in 2+ years.

I’m encouraged by the gains in fitness I’ve been seeing since December when I started training- and also the gains I made while training for my half PR. 6 more weeks to go!

Latest new to me recipe: carrot soup with sautéed cremini mushrooms

I’m enjoying cooking new to me recipes and am currently at 23/52 for 2018. A continually updated list is {HERE}

Days to go: 42! 🦄



  1. No X! 3:10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woot!

    Awesome week! Are you going to cut out cycling for a bit until Boston? And Ze will be old enough to run with you after?!?!?!? Woot!

    I was going to ask what your LRs would be while on travel next week. Good call to do the shorter ones then!

    Do you think the stairs are destroying your quads, or the intense workouts? Mine have been garbage several days a week lately, and you should see me trying to do squats in the classes I teach. It's humorous!!!

    Nice work with BOTH speed seshes! Keep working on getting out of your head with what you'll be able to do!!! (Something I need to work on too)

  2. NO X MOTHERF*CKER! Love it. Keep it coming!

    1. I’ve told enough people so why not remove the X!? Haha thanks lady! Hope you’re doing well after all that’s gone on lately in your life!!

  3. Man, I can't believe I spaced it on the MRC run! Maybe next month... Anyway, congrats on yet another PDR. You are right at about my sweet spot for top marathon mileage. Before Carmel 2016 I did 3 or 4 weeks of exactly 70 and I still went into the race fresh. I'm pretty sure if I had just repeated that same cycle (instead of upping my mileage) for Chicago 2016 I would have had a much better shot at my goals for that race. Anyway, way to kick butt with your 8x3 run into the headwind. It's very cool that you were able to pick up the pace on the last few!

    1. Ha no worries! I almost tweeted you asking if you’d be there too! Haha

      Thanks! It’s great to be feeling so good. It’s really good to know you felt great around 70 mpw- And had the major success you did at that volume. Its super encouraging- now if only I wouldn’t know if I’m capable of holding 7:15 for 26.2. Hahahaha

    2. It sounds like you are definitely on the right track (i.e feeling really good while doing increased miles). I know how hard it is to comprehend running at a fast goal pace, even though all signs point that you should be able to. Once you get into your corral in Hopkinton you'll pretty much know for sure that you can do it. The only thing left to do will be to enjoy the next 3 hours and 10 minutes!

  4. Do you need some tips on a #boydogmom calendaring system? And maybe a fancy new planner?

    You are kicking SO much ass this training cycle - yes, stop thinking worst case scenario on your hard workouts! And then maybe I will too ;)

    1. Apparently I do need to learn how to use a fancy expensive planner to schedule out my days in this busy season of life. Cheap planners or online planners aren’t good enough because they don’t make for instaworthy fotos.

      Thanks lady! If you figure out how to stop making worst case scenario out of you’re hard workouts, let me know too! (I’ll do the same!)

    2. Yeah I just use the notepads I stockpiled from my office before moving away and whatever free pens I have, so definitely don't ask me about fancy planning.