Monday, March 12, 2018

Boston Marathon Training 2018 {Week 13}

Week 13!

Weekly Miles

Running: 53 miles, 7:31:29 hours
Cycling: 0 miles, 0 hours

Total Miles for this cycle
Running: 658.45 miles, 93:16 hours
Cycling: 186.63 miles, 14:42 hours
Yoga/stairs: 03:36:00 hours


I went to Tampa for the first time in 6 years- super long overdue considering I’m from there, and my Daad and some family/friends still live there. I swapped last week’s long runs with this past week so I’d have a bit of a cutback because I didn’t want to spend my vacation running. There’s so much more to life than running all the miles, yet Boston training must go on!

The pups were boarded for our trip, and I know Ze was pumped to be able to play ball non stop for 4 days straight. CB on the other hand probably hates all of us right now. I feel bad for my old man- 13 years young having to give up his daily routine and soft bed. He will likely sleep 2 days straight once we pick him up.

My awesome green journal with my favorite pen. Beer tastes better at 35000’ and or because it’s the last beer for a while.

Another lesson I’ve taught them on social media is not to point out whatever perceived faults they have about their pictures/life whatever. I might have discussed this earlier. Just post the picture and be done with it. Be positive. None of this “I’m writing some really solid thoughts down in my sad cheap journal- but I wish I had one of those fancy expensive journals like the other dog bloggers because my thoughts would be better.” Comparison is the thief of joy. And by thinking you’re inferior for whatever lame reason, just makes you feel worse. Fact. Just stop.

I finally finished “the subtle art of not giving a f*ck” and hurt my neck from nodding in agreement the entire time. So many good common sense things to come out of that book. One of the best things I read was how people feel the need to be special when in reality we are all the same and mediocre (very few of us are truly special and extraordinary). People often try to out victimize each other in an effort to be special at the other end of the scale. I see this on social media all the time and promptly unfollow those accounts because I refuse to bring myself down the drain with those awful people.


The treadmill stopping abruptly near the end of my first 2 mile interval. WTF. My ankle now feels weird in the same exact spot and the same way it did a month ago after slipping on the ice. **update** (since I wrote that a few days ago) ankle is feeling better and less weird. Hopefully that continues after more TLC and MICE.


3x2 miles at 6:58. For some reason I psyche myself up too much for these workouts. Why would I get so stressed? I’ve run 13.1 continuously at 7:15 pace- so why not 2 miles at a time with a pace of 6:58!?

Getting my Boston bib number (18981) and wave/corral (3/3) assignment! I love my bib number mainly because 9 is my favorite number and it’s straight up 9’s and a palindrome, and it was Hunahpu’s 9th anniversary this weekend too. Ha. I’m not superstitious in the least (because I’m in control of my life, not magical fairies), but enjoy finding dumb connections in shit like that. So serendipity! Much wow. Such 9!

Running in Tampa! I got 3 solid runs in- 2 in my daad’s hood and 1 at flatwoods. At flatwoods I saw a large black unidentifiable animal cross the path about 50 meters ahead of me- I was so preoccupied with what it was that when I happened to look right a few steps later- there were 3 large deer 20 feet from me! They scampered into the woods before I could get my phone out. Didn’t they know I needed interesting blog pics!? The rest of the Run was uneventful- and I dropped some fast splits that morning and felt really good. The other 2 runs were nice too. I was just disappointed I didn’t see any alligators on my runs. I did see a few 6 footers later on in the day. I’m guessing it was too cold for them to get out of the water in the morning.

Delicious dinner with great people.


Going back to Tampa was much needed. Seeing my dad and his dog Bella was great! Seeing my bff of 30+ years, Caitlyn was so wonderful too!

We went to our first Hunahpu day beer fest and I was impressed. The fest itself was well organized - it was outside at Raymond James in the parking lot and we couldn’t have asked for better weather. The whole weekend was simply amazing. I can’t let 6 years go by before my next visit to Tampa.

Looking Forward

This week I’ll be running the March Madness half in Cary, IL for the 2nd year in a row. I’m excited to test my tired legs on all the hills. Ideally, I would like to beat my current PR of 1:35.34. I haven’t looked at the weather forecast yet, so I don’t know if that variable will come into play- it’s out of my control and not worth my energy anyways. Right now, I think I should run close to 1:35. I always find my “on” switch for race day and come ready to throw down a solid effort.

The one and only Bell dog!

I’m also cutting out beer. Huna was my last hurrah for beer before Boston. Getting to race weight and feeling fab for Patriots day are now my top priorities over the next 5 weeks.

One of the last beers for a while. At least it was on the patio.

I’m enjoying cooking new to me recipes and am currently at 23/52 for 2018. A continually updated list is {HERE}

Days to go: 35! 🦄



  1. I am glad you had a good trip! That photo from your flatwoods run looks beautiful, despite those bastard deer not sticking around for a pic. Jerks.

    Ahh! I need to finish that book! I read half of it and was doing all the head nodding too (it's all stuff I believe, just more eloquently said than in my thoughts, ha). I wonder why I never finished it?!

    I am glad your ankle feels better!

    I can't believe Cary is already this weekend!!! Crazy!

    I hope CB has a good, restful week at home. That's another good social media lesson for them. So many people can't seem to enjoy sharing things without comparison... I should be more sympathetic, but really, it just seems like they should stay off social media at that point.

  2. I love your bib number, but I'm also a big nerd about stuff like that (and it includes 81, the year I was born).

    Totally agree with your social media lessons for CB and Ze. Heidi could be all "woof is me, look at my giant tumors" in all of her posts, but WTF is the point?

    Ooooh, we ate at the Columbia in St. Armand's last fall - it was so good! And my in-laws gave us a couple of their sangria mixes at Christmas, so we can have Columbia all the time. Or at least twice.

    1. ITS THE Best bib number ever! Lol. I usually could care lsss about it, but it’s all 9’s!

      The attempt to be the most vicitimized on social media is so lame. Just accept you’re not special or extraordinary and accept your mediocrity and move on. Chip away at that mediocrity and life is great!

      The sangria was soooooo good! You have great in laws!

  3. Great week! I am glad you didn't see any gators because that would have freaked me out!
    I've not read that book yet but it sounds like it would be right up my alley. Love that tidbit about us all being mediocre and average. Good life lessons for the pups ;) I also have to remind myself to not apologize for things that I don't care about or explain why I don't have a fancier green notebook.
    Good luck with the race this weekend!

    1. Thanks! I love the gators :) they are scared of people so nothing to worry about and run into the pond when you startle them.

      It’s a good thought provoking book- I’d highly recommend recommend it.

      Thanks! I’m looking forward to this race as a nice tough workout.