Wednesday, February 23, 2011

60 minute time limit

8 Miles on the treadmill tonight. averaged 9:15 per mile.  I'm feeling pretty darn good. :) 
For this  week, I am at 17 miles so far.  4 Monday, 5 Tuesday, 8 today!!

After I crossed the 60 minute mark, somewhere around 6.3 miles the treadmill started going 4.5mph and was in "cooldown" mode.  I had to increase the cooldown mode (as much as I could- it topped off at 10 minutes) and i had to fight with the treadmill to go 6.6mph.  After it would slow down I would make it speed up, but 60 seconds later it would go slow again. once I hit 7 miles, i restarted the tread to finish the workout.

When I restarted it, i tried to see if i could increase the workout time from 60 minutes, to perhaps, 90 minutes. no luck. got the error message that said "60 minute time limit."

This is a sign.  I really should start running outside. It is cold, in the 30's, but no snow or ice on the ground at this moment. I need to go say "Hi" to lake Michigan, on the Lakefront Path ASAP.

Dinner tonight:
lemon pepper pan sauteed halved chicken breast
broccoli cauliflowers and carrots in a cheese sauce- only 45 calories a serving!
(seriously, I could do without the cheese sauce, but it was the only frozen combo of those veggies I could find, it's better than being smothered in a butter sauce right??)

Spring greens salad (rated "4" on the boldness scale, whatever that means)
with cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, and some artichoke hearts, with raspberry vinaigrette


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  1. I hate dreadmills with the timing limits. I always start them over but then I lose my numbers and I am a numbers gal!