Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Life is Gouda

4 miles tonight. 3.25 on the dreadmill, .75 on the elliptical. For me, breaking up the running helps me keep going. As soon as I got off the tread, i went straight to the elliptical.

Felt great!


smoked Gouda with kiwis, and plum

Healthy choice chicken something dinner.

I want to loose some weight, because i dont want to carry the extra lbs around with me mile after mile. I doubt i'll ever be as thin as I was in high school when i was doing cross country- I looked kind of anorexic then. I even got called to the school nurse because they thought I had an eating problem. (Eating problem that I LOVE to eat everything and had been fortunate with a good metabolism... that has slowed considerably ever since the big "25")

Going back to the city where "Tony left his heart.." for the weekend. Im excited to get my longer runs done outside in hopefully better conditions than the windy city. Tomorrow and Friday are 70%+ for rain... but Saturday and sunday are looking clear.. Oh the rainy cold runs... Brings back memories of The Nike Women's Marathon 2010, and the US half Marathon in November 2010... Cold and rainy.. Nice change of pace...


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