Monday, February 14, 2011

Great News Today!!!

Cant say exactly what for fear of it not being a surprise, but a big thank you to Beth @ SUAR and Salonpas. I am so surprised and excited for the opportunity that they have given me.

Original plan- Build more speed with shorter races, then work up to the Chicago Marathon and qualify for Boston.

Shamrock shuffle 8K
Soldier Field 10 mile
Rock n Roll Chicago Half Marathon
Rock n Roll San Jose (4th year in a row)
Chicago Marathon.

New plan: More LSD runs, with 1 day a week of speed work in addition to the races mentioned above. I just need to readjust my goals for the next couple of months. Another goal is to lose some lbs. These next 2 months will be the perfect time to exercise portion control and better, healthier food- along with increased exercise.

The weather is starting to get better so there will be some outdoor runs in the near future.

4 miles on the "dreadmill" is on the menu for today.

Happy V-Day! This is the best V-Day ever!!!!!!

now only 59 more days to keep a secret. ;)


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