Saturday, April 16, 2011


My sweet ride to Manchester, NH.

Boston is an amazing city. I really enjoy coming here to visit because of the history, food and fun stuff to do. Also it's always cool to see my "nath east" relatives.

The food:

No trip would be complete without a stop to royal house of roast beef. The roast beef is so tender- melts in your mouth. I ordered mine with horseradish and BBQ sauce. It was amazing. I wanted 4 more but restrained myself because of the race on Monday.

I love this bridge.

Boston is beautiful.

The expo on Friday was packed.

The shirt. It's pretty sweet.

A shirt I almost bought at the expo.

I also love the free poster they are handing out. It has every participants name on it.

We also stopped by the finish line.

Tonight my Dad and I were lucky enough to meet Suar at the blogger meetup. She is even more beautiful and fabulous in person than she is on her blog. It was awesome to be able to thank her in person.

My dad and I also went to the bill Rodgers running center. I got a neon yell bill rodgers shirt "the marathon can humble you." and also a Boston beanie. It's cold here.

I'm cold. This weather is making me worried. The forecast is low 40's and a high of 60 for Monday. But the highs have been in the low 40's or so for the past few days. I really hope the rain leaves and it warms up just a little for Monday.

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