Friday, April 1, 2011

What I like about you

Chicago is growing on me. I moved here in january from san Fran. At first I thought seeing the snow was cool.

But It got old because I wanted to run outside and not on the tread. But since then, my new bff is the tread. It helped me achieve a 7 minute PR in the half marathon.

I also love food. A lot.

Chicago is awesome because of the gourmet street food trucks.

I've eaten bbq meaty balls. They were delicious! Maybe next time I'll get the schweddy balls or the chocolate salted balls.

Today I finally saw the more cupcake truck on the way to
Work. Of course I had to stop and get one.

Which to choose?! Salted caramel, cookies and creme, chocolate chocolate??? I'll have one of everything please!!

I got the red velvet. Mmm!

There is a gourmet Mac n cheese truck too. I can't wait to to find that one and try it out soon.

Chicago, this is the kind of stuff I like about you!


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