Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pasta hot links

Made another pasta creation last night.

Basically I just cooked the pasta per the box instructions. Then I sauteed some onions in evoo, then added some cut up hot link sausages from whole foods to the mix and stirred until they were cooked. Once cooked, I added the pasta back and stirred it all together for a few minutes.

I added some shredded parm and it was delicious.

It is also extremely easy to make and uses only one pot to cook (if you have a place to put the noodles while you cook the onions/ sausage)

What is your favorite pasta dish to make?

I'm a sucker for rotini or angel hair pasta with a creamy tomato sauce.



  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I love a dish called chicken pepper pasta that I've been making for 25 years. It includes angel hair pasta, red and orange or yellow bell peppers, chicken and lots of different cheeses. Great for carbo loading!

  2. I have a great spicy pesto chicken recipe that my boys love!

  3. YUM! That looks so good! I love any pasta in a marinara. MMM.